Adorable purses, the BBB and more!!

Today is my first day off from my resort job and I have so much to get done as usual!!

I started the day off by checking email and getting back to people regarding various things. I notice I have received a reply from the BBB (Better Business Bureaus) regarding my issues with a local mechanic. The mechanic is telling the BBB he has issued us a check thatblack-polka-dots-feathered-purse reimburses us for all our incurred expenses resulting from them using twist ties to put our car back together. I called Nathan to confirm that we do not have a check from them, I check our mail just to make sure then I inform the BBB of this. In the process of checking the mail for the reimbursement check I discovered that my first Purse from Maddy Moo had just arrived!!! I love it so much it’s white with black polka dots and boa feathers. It’s super adorable!!

After gushing over my purse for a while I proceed to sort through the mail. My tags for the car and my new insurance card also came in the mail so I gout out to place the sticker on my license plate and to put the new registration and insurance info into the glove compartment.. Who came up with the name glove compartment anyway?? I ponder this for a bit and decide maybe I’ll look it up for a future blog entry.

I move on to pack up the crystal cake plate and various other fragile things. I notice it is 4:44pm and that Nathan will be home for dinner in a little over an hour so I get out the vegetables that we just bought from the local farmers market. I decide we will have cheesy broccoli and green beans and I begin washing and cutting the vegetables in preparation for cooking. I am having chips n salsa and listening to Judy Garland while doing this..

I would like to get more packing done and possibly vacuum the house while dinner is cooking and I may whip up a fun desert since I really feel like baking…
…I just remembered I have a few batches of fudge to make up and send out to people too… Well I better get going so I can possibly accomplish something.

I hope everyone is having a good day!

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  1. The fresh veggies were so good too! Thanks for whipping up a little something for dinner. It’s nothing that I expect you to do, so it’s a nice little surprise when I come home and find you’ve cooked something for my hungry tummy.

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