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Blog · Page 6 of 48 · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More
Blog · Page 6 of 48 · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More
We to a big leap of faith, quit our jobs are moved to the the heart of the Shawnee National Forest to follow our dreams of self sufficiency and to make a go of living off the land… Can we help you feed your family?
Southern Illinois produce, farm, CSA, Goat Milk, Soap, Eggs, meat, local food
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Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois Produce & More

Dear children, Mommy and Daddy just want some sleep for Christmas.

We know it is very exciting to be a newly walking baby and that growing like 4 molars at once is a major bummer but you still must sleep. Especially with us all being sick with the plague!

Sleep is the perfect way to hide from those teeth pains and the unfortunate symptoms of sickness, Everly has it all figured out. She can sleep right through a plane crash I bet cause she certainly sleeps right through your wailing when you wake and your assertive demands to nurse when your dad comes to you in the middle of the night instead of me.

Holiday Stocking Stuffers Anyone? #pgstocking

Is your holiday shopping complete? I am happy to report that ours basically is, except for stocking stuffers (the bane of my existence!). We don’t do lots of sweets here so filling the stockings with candy isn’t the ole fallback. Instead we really have to get creative about things.

Like a typical mom, I toss lots of necessity items in the mix for the holidays. You know, socks, undies, clothing, new shoes for the baby and such… especially in the stockings! Do you?

Emergence in the life cycle of our foods, even with small children

We strive to buy grass fed, free range meats, some of you already know this and also strive for the same thing. We’ve been on the bandwaggon for about four years now, we started by committing to a beef, pork and chicken CSA – it was great. All humanely raised, naturally fed and local.

Since our CSA meat provider discontinued service we have been forced to discover the availability of other meat providers. Remarkably they are often quite affordable too! Admittedly, good, humane meat is a bit harder to find than simply visiting your local grocery store but it really isn’t impossible and is certainly worth the effort in our opinion.

Post turkey day reflections & a new holiday tradition: The Advent Basket

Thanksgiving day Adalyn took her first solo steps. Time is just flying by. Everly starts school this last week. Last week we also had our first snow flurries. We found a butterfly living in our office. I am betting it’s the offspring of one of the many bugs Everly has captured and brought inside.

I cut off a bunch of my own hair and im flabbergasted that Christmas is just a few short weeks away.

I’ve been working hard at planning and prepping for our new advent tradition… The advent basket.

Over 300 lbs of produce, first steps and sleeping at night…

As thanksgiving approaches much reflection and taking stock of things has been happening. The time has flown by with all the gardening, child rearing and the explosion of my client base. There hasn’t been much time for solitary thinking or blogging, until now.

We hauled in over 300lbs of garden fresh produce and about 8 dozen eggs since August for our own enjoyment and sustenance. That doesn’t even count the 3 large boxes and 1 wagon full of green & ripening tomatoes in the garage right now. Prior to August we weren’t keeping record of our harvests but there were pounds and pounds of berries among other things. It’s crazy to see just how much food you can eek out of a garden.

Two sisters are now sharing a room

October 24th 2012, I wrote this: One gloomy fall day, on a mom's whim, two sister were laid down to nap. They giggled and romped instead, didnt even bonk their heads! Sleep they did not but mom got a break even if they were in the other room, still awake. After rejected naptime they did sleep. At bedtime, right away they fell fast asleep! Since then they've been sharing a room. It's good but sad because it means soon, two big girls will be independent and strong, less and less they'll be needing their mom. All week 13 month old Adalyn has been sleeping in the room with 3 yr old Everly. We aren't sleeping through the night yet, Adalyn still wakes about once a night to nurse...

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Celiac disease & gluten detoxing (again)- It’s hell over here!

It's been seven months since I've begun limiting my gluten intake and about nine months since my gut healing efforts through restricted diet have begun. Gluten intake has been on the mind much since it appears Adalyn's severe symptoms (both behaviorally and physically) and my own symptoms improve when gluten intake is limited & reduced as much a possible. I say "as much as possible" because I know the hidden gluten (lurking in cross contamination, packaged foods and such) is still finding a way in every so often. We just got back from a free Celiac blood screening courtesy of The University of Chicago's Celiac Disease Center, I should have my test results back in a few months. I choose to be screened since I've recently discovered some buried family medical history that...

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Halloween Inspiration

Halloween Decor Idea: Make this "Bats at the Door" halloween decor project by simply printing out this template, cutting and taping the shapes. Super easy and super cute dont you think? Halloween Nail Idea: Looking for some creative & festive manicure ideas? I thought this was creative!     Halloween Baby Photography Idea: Got a new baby that can semi support themselves? Do a photo of them in a pumpkin. It's a once in a lifetime thing and can be super adorable. We've made it a family baby tradition. Instead of the oblagatory baby in a bathtub photo we have baby in a pumpkin :) Halloween Pumpkin Carving Idea: Pumpkins having babies? Why not! Especially if you are a birth junkie like many of my readers :P Hospital births, home births, lotus births and more...

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Keeping chickens & eating them: Thoughts on our first experience processing

It's a cold and gloomy day here, we are in the upper 50's this afternoon and the vibe is very lazy. Everly has been watching childrens movies on the couch today, specifically snow related holiday ones. She knows the seasons are changing and is excitedly dreaming of lots of snow this winter. I've been spending some much needed time on my own blog's todo list between caring for the girls and the home. On days like today an effortless, home-cooked, nourishing meal is best. So, I've got one of our roosters in the soup pot in prep for Everly's favorite dinner, chicken and dumplings. Remember my blog post about Helga Crowing back in September? We always knew we needed to learn the art of chicken processing, for the sake of self sufficiency, homesteading and respect for the life cycle/...

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Winter weather drink recipes favorites: Hot Toddy & Egg Nog

When I think of the holiday season and drinks of the season only two come to mind and I'd like to share them with you today. No holiday season is complete without Eggnog in our house! Starting at thanksgiving I get cravings for it. I usually like mine nonalcoholic but on a cold winters day some spiked eggnog can totally warm your bones! Normally I'll just buy the nonalcoholic stuff from the grocery store but I am also a sucker for making stuff from scratch. Here is my recipe to make Eggnog from scratch if you are feeling up to it: Eggnog Recipe I found via this source. 4 egg yolks 1/3 cup sugar, plus 1 tablespoon 1 pint whole milk 1 cup heavy cream 3 ounces bourbon 1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg 4 egg whites First, beat the egg yolks until they...

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On a wellness journey? Get this app for support & help! #wannabewell

Been working to improve your health and wellenss? Almost everyone is on some sort of wellness journey, many are motivated by resolving curent symptoms while others are simply motivated to prevent illness and symptoms. No matter what your motivations, if you are an iPhone or iPad user, the WannaBeWell app is something you need to check out! Click here to check it out now. WannaBeWell is a comprehensive wellness resource that educates, activates and motivates those who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is based on the three pillars of health at the core of the Life...

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The half acre homestead may not be enough…

We've talked about trying to move closer to Nathan's place of employment since his major career change about two years ago. Living closer to his work would shave about 2 hours off his work day, plus he'd be able to come home for lunch some days  and we'd save money on gas prices. Plus, It seems we've reached the point where our drive to self sustain and our drive to have our farm has taken charge. Sure, we've been able to crank lots of food production out of this half acre homestead of ours...

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A peek inside the Ryder Homestead – 2012

Here is how the growing season shaped up in 2012: Got something you'd love to see us blog about in detail when it comes to the garden? Let us know: [contact-form subject="New homestead post suggestion " to=""] [contact-field label="Name" type="name" required="true" /] [contact-field label="Email" type="email" required="true" /] [contact-field label="Website" type="url" /] [contact-field label="What is your blog topic suggestion?" type="textarea" required="true" /] [/contact-form] ...

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Then Helga Crowed…

It was a nice sleepy morning, the outdoor temperature was cool enough to leave the windows open and the AC off. The days have been getting shorter and the mornings sleepier plus the baby sort of slept through the night snuggled in our bed with us. As the sun began to rise the sound "cawwwwwr" made it's way in the bedroom window, it was jarring. I laid there bkinking the sleep from my eyes and instincually checking to see if the noise had roused the sleeping baby. I hear Nathan quitly making his way out the door to investigate the sound, I hear the deck gate open and close. By the second "acawwwwwr" it hit me. This sound that is similar to a small animal dying is our chickens. At first I was wondering if a...

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To Adalyn on your first birthday

A year ago today our lives changed, we became a family of four in the wee hours of the morning and many witnessed this live here on the blog. We weren't sure the day would ever come. From perceived improper positioning to going beyond the arbitrarily determined due date, we were all on pins and needles about how and when you'd arrive. Happily all went well with your arrival out at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee. I'll admit, the fact that your birth was so public really has been my excuse for not writing out a birth story. I mean, it can be seen live so it kind of makes writing the story seem silly, one day I'll do it for you though...

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