Unique Garden Mums - Southern Illinois Grown by The Ryder Family Farm
We have mums in a variety of interesting colors and sizes that are a beautiful addition to any front porch or garden display! Skip the big box stores and get unique, Southern Illinois grown garden mums from our family farm in Golconda, IL this year!
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Garden Mums – Illinois Grown

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for locally farmed garden mums!

We raise our own mums here on our farm in Pope County Illinois. We began our family’s mum journey in the summer of 2017 just after moving to our new property in Golconda, IL. Since we moved to our new place mid-summer, we wanted to focus on a fall crop. We’d always toyed with the idea of selling mums, it’s a beautiful fall crop! 

Our mums are a touch different than the mums you find in most stores. For starters, our Southern Illinois grown mums are not forced into an early, unnatural bloom. Forcing a mum is done by exposure to shorter daylight periods and longer dark or night periods usually in darkened greenhouses or with black plastic. The mums that we grow are right behind our house in the same climate as our customers and they bloom naturally according to their variety’s particular bloom time.

Another difference with our locally raised mums is that you’ll get healthier, less stressed plants. Often times growers have to use a growth regulator to appease stores or to allow for long shipment and transport times. Our mums aren’t shipped or transported in from out of state so they haven’t been stressed or treated with growth regulators.


Starting in September our colorful mums are for sale to customers visiting the farm, with quantity discounts and bulk pricing available upon request. We sell at a few Illinois festivals and farm markets and we welcome customers to visit our family farm during business hours in the fall to pick out pumpkins and mums right on site. If you are interested in purchasing locally raised mums be sure to like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter where you’ll be the first to hear about our upcoming open house dates and events. Outside of our farm hours and open house dates we welcome customers to the farm by appointment only. If you’d like to set up a time to visit just send us a message on Facebook or give us a call to set up an appointment! You can also browse our mum selection online and place your order electronically here.

We have mums in a variety of interesting colors and sizes. They are a beautiful addition to any front porch or garden display. Buy local and snag some of our garden mums today!


Mum Care

  1. Repot for extra lasting power. You can grow our mums in pots or you can plant them directly in the ground. Mums will last longer when their roots have room to spread out and soak up more. Be sure your pot and your potting mix provide ample drainage though. Mums love compost in their soil if you have access to some. Mums that are not repotted will not do as well and they will also require much more water.
  2. Provide full sun conditions and space. Your mums need at minimum, three hours of direct sunlight to thrive. Choose a location for your mums that has ample sunlight. When spacing mums remember the more space they have, the bigger they can grow. As a rule of thumb, 18 inches apart is recommended. 
  3. Check moisture daily. While being too dry is fatal, too much moisture is also a bad thing for mums. Check your soil moisture with your finger each day. The top inch of the soil should feel moist, if it doesn’t your mum needs a drink. Mums that look wilted are too dry, mums that are chronically wilted will not survive. When you water try to avoid getting water on your mum’s blooms and leaves. Mums that have wet foliage and blooms can develop fungi.
  4. Pinch off fading blooms. This is called deadheading and it is a very good thing for your plants. As the older blooms fade just pinch them off with your fingernail and watch for new blooms to open. Keeping your mum deadheaded will extend bloom time and keep your plant looking neater.
  5. Prepare for overwintering if desired. Our mums have a better chance of successfully overwintering than most store-bought mums do. This is because our mums are less stressed and they aren’t forced into bloom. We recommend you plant your mums in the ground as soon as possible if you plan to overwinter them. Once they are planted and established, before the first hard frost hits, you need to mulch your mums very well. Give them straw or wood chips, and pile it high, surrounding the entire base of the plant, at least 3 inches high. You can deadhead your mums when overwintering, but don’t prune any stems until the weather gets warmer. When the weather starts to warm up you can start spreading the mulch out further to make room for the mums’ new growth.