Our Southern Illinois CSA · Ryder Family Farm- Southern Illinois
Our ideal farm does not feed everyone in the surrounding area but it does provide the most diverse products all produced while complimenting & coexisting with one another. Offering a handful of CSA farm shares to our neighbors fits well with what we are doing, will you join us?
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Our Southern Illinois CSA

We are happy to announce the 2017 CSA membership enrollment is now underway.

A bit about our farm history: In 2015 we began our commercial farming journey here in Southern Illinois with a small fruit & vegetable CSA, homemade goat milk soaps and UDSA licensed, pasture raised eggs that we sold via a CSA membership program to just a handful of folks that we personally knew. We also sold our overflow produce, soaps and eggs to loyal customers at the Golconda, Illinois Farmers Market where we have had the pleasure of making friends with so many fellow Pope County, IL residents.

We are first generation farmers born and raised in the vast deserts of Arizona. In 2013 we moved to Southern Illinois with the promise of a mentorship & work to own land agreement. We wanted to follow our dreams of living off the land and to give our kids an education in self reliant, farm living. This year we are transitioning from farm hands to farm operators/ owners.

We have been growing food for our family for many years. It is something we are very passionate about. Our ideal farm does not feed everyone in the surrounding area but it does provide the most diverse products all produced while complimenting & coexisting with one another. Offering a handful of CSA farm shares to our neighbors fits well with what we are doing and it allows us to gradually expand our farm operation. We love getting to know our customers, fostering relationships with our neighbors and contributing directly to our community which is why we’ve gone with a CSA sales model for our garden & farm produce.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In a nutshell “CSAs support both the farmer and the eater. It goes much deeper than a purely monetary transaction. The CSA farmer knows who their customers are, what they like, and how much to grow for them.” Quote taken from this LocalHarvest Article. 

We believe farming to feed families is important for community. Without these types of direct selling farms food has to be produced in mass scale, often with less than ideal conditions and practices and then shipped to stores for the consumer to buy. Buying food direct from your farmer means you get fresher food that has passed through fewer hands and you are indirectly supporting your community by supporting local small scale farmers.

The CSA Specifics:

A full share during the 12th week of a past CSA year.

Joining our CSA program secures you 16 weeks/ 4 months of locally grown produce for as little as $10-$20 a week that is freshly picked just for you. Less grocery shopping to do! Each week you’ll get a “share” of our harvest that is reserved and picked specifically for you. Your produce share is then available for you to pickup here on the farm or at the weekly farmer’s market in Golconda, IL.

A half share during the 1st week of a past CSA year.

We offer two different share sizes: a half share size feeds 1-2 people and a full share size feeds 2-4 people. Our CSA members pay for their shares before the growing season starts (either in full or via payment arrangements made in advance). This allows us to buy seeds, tools and equipment necessary to grow your shares before planting time starts.

Allowing us to grow your food helps you feed your family and it invests in our future as beginning farmers which in turn invests in you and the community by safeguarding the future of local food here in Southern Illinois. 

Farming, food and communities are all connected, we are turning to the community to form a mutually beneficial relationship. Will you join us?

We are looking for a just handful of likeminded folks who will join us on our farming journey via this CSA. For as little as $10-$20 a week we will provide you with a basket of fresh, clean, local produce and the proceeds will allow us to invest in expanding the farm operation. Our CSA season will run for 16 weeks beginning in July and running through October. We have an onsite farm pickup scheduled in Simpson, IL as well as a Paducah, KY drop location and lastly, we are offering to bring CSA member baskets to the Golconda, IL Farmers Market for our members.

Our CSA members will enjoy the freshest selection of locally grown, sustainably farmed produce (special requests are welcome at signup) plus we will throw in many bonuses as the season progresses. At signup, our CSA members also get first dibs on our various other farm products, like farm fresh eggs, goat milk soap, freshwater prawns from our partner farm and much more.

Interested folks can access our member agreement and signup form by clicking this link. Or you can pay for your CSA share online here:  Relevant contact information, payment details and pricing is found in the document. Membership is on a first come first serve basis and spots are very limited so don’t delay.

Just 7 full shares

(or 15 half shares) remain as of Feb 2017

Don’t delay, membership cost will increase after March 31st 2017!

To sign up:

  1. Print & sign our member agreement form here-> Ryder Family Farm CSA agreement 2017  
  2. Pay for your CSA share online here.

Payment plans are available for those interested, you may also pay by check if you’d like to skip the online payment part. If you have questions you can find us on Facebook or you can email or call using the contact details in our signup document. We are honored to have you considering our program and we welcome the opportunity to feed your family this season!