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Published Work

I also write and contribute to a number of other sites around the web. Some of my works include:

  • How to hide anything in your myspace profile Smart MySpace users share their info only with friends! These days everyone has a MySpace profile. MySpace is fun for the kids, it’s a great social networking tool and it helps friends connect and stay in touch. The only d…read more
  • How to prepare to relocate to a new job You did it! You landed a better job in another location! The prospects are very exciting and you know this is just the opportunity for you. You feel proud, anxious, happy and sad all at the same time because relocation is a…read more
  • Why no credit, no problem promises can be a scam I saw a documentary last night that I highly recommend every American sees, it is called Maxed out. The movie basically illustrates how much of a struggle it is to get out of debt and it’s also illustrates how lucrative debt and debt collection is for creditors and collectors…
  • Natural family planning and contraception explained Natural family planning is also referred to as fertility awareness. There are a number of ways to monitor fertility naturally and this fertility monitoring is useful for wither achieving pregnancy or avoiding it. Read more»
  • Health benefits of cinnamon and honey Cinnamon and honey are not only sweet treats they are great for your health! Almost everyone had heard of drinking lemon tea with honey when you have a cold but did you know that cinnamon helps to lower cholesterol? Read more»
  • Homemade Christmas Craft Ideas Whether you are trying to save money or if you just want to give a sentimental gift often times handmade/ homemade gifts are best. My favorite gifts are those that have keepsake value to the recipient. Read more»
  • Spice Up Your Love Life with Feng Shui If your love life needs to be spiced up consider using some Feng Shui techniques in your bedroom to liven things up! Simple things like the air quality, lighting and the focus of the room will have an effect on the quality of your love life. Read more»
  • The Ethics of Writing Sponsored Posts & Getting Paid to Blog The ethics of sponsored posts and/ or paid links often get overlooked and ignored by the average blogger. Read more»
  • So You Have a Blog and a Dream – How Do You Get There? You have your blog and your content and you want to make money with your blog. Wondering what is next? find out how to make your blog valuable and profitable! Read more»
  • Tips for loosing weight naturallySo, you looked in the mirror and decided you wanted to change? Making this change naturally is possible but first we need to clear up some common misconceptions about weight and body image.
  • Easy ways your family can “go green” Going green or living a sustainable life has become more mainstream these days because people are realizing how easy and simple it is. Green living is anything that plays a positive impact on the environment. The idea is to tread more lightly on the earth, the key is simplicity.
  • Web design tips: Text tags best practicesEffective text tags play a major role in the ranking of sites. Tags are important for two major reasons. 1. Search Engine Optimization, 2. Website Accessibility
  • Secrets to developing as a dancer when you have two left feet- So, you think you are a bad dancer? I am a dance teacher/ choreographer working with high school aged students who usually have zero dance experience. Let me tell you, being a dancer is not a talent you must be born with.
  • Spring crafts for kids and familiesSpend some quality time with your kids doing these fun yet festive spring time crafts!
  • Autumn Craft Ideas For KidsWhat is more profuse in autumn then leaves? Go out and collect as many as you can and try some of the craft ideas!

Guide to French terms used in classical ballet – Ballet terms are a very much a language of their own. Learn the basic terms and how to do them here!

Top 2007 spring fashion trends – Looking to spice up that wardrobe and add some spring flair? The newest spring trends for 2007 are bright, girlish and oh so easy to incorporate.

Recycling: Helpful tips for reusing and conserving – I am discovering many ways to recycle, reuse and conserve as I become more and more earth friendly. For the last year or so I have been living in a primarily “green” town.

Overcoming fear of change – Resisting the unknown or uncertain is very common. People naturally want to feel safe and secure. We like to know what we are about to encounter because we know exactly what we will get out of it.

How to effectively lead by example – Actions speak louder than words, what are your saying about yourself?

Are we products of our environment? – Hearing the phrase “we are products of our environment” makes me think of being a victim of circumstances. Are we truly products of our environment?

Dangers of sleep deprivation and natural remedies – “The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recently reported that 63 percent of Americans are sleep deprived.”

Great seasonal spring recipes – Nothing says spring like yummy fruit/ vegetable filled recipes. I simply love the following recipes because they are easy, quick and so good!

Best ghost walks and tours in the U.S. – So, you want to find the most bone chilling ghost walks and tours in the US? I have complied a list of the spookiest tours from all around the country.

Natural remedies for springtime allergies – Spring is here and so are those pesky allergies.

Why you should learn a musical instrument – People who obtain an education in music are generally smarter that those without any music education.