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OMG, we are actually living in Evansville…

Yesterday was my first day in the new house alone and strangely enough it was weird. Normally I love my alone time, it gives me time to sort things out, do what I need to do and I am just better off after having that alone time. Today I am at a loss, I haven’t been alone for more than 30 minutes in the last 2 weeks and now that I am it is weird…

Yesterday was also N’s first day on the new job, yay! He was on both the 5 & 6pm news and he did a perfect jobs as usual. When he came home he was telling me what the expectations were for him and that people were amazed at his comfort and confidence when he was on the air.

We still are feeling good about making this move and are pleased with our decision. It appears we are living in a great neighborhood, we’ve met many neighbors and they are all so nice! We are just not used to nice friendly people.

The house we are living in is older and has some issues (like major basement flooding when it storms and old 2 prong plugs) but we are happy with it. I am also pretty excited that we’ll actually be living in a house for a whole year as opposed to moving every 6 months. I feel like we can unpack and get comfortable now, crap the holidays are just around the corner!

Oh, the other day when we were picking up our rental car I was again asked when the wedding was (N referred to me as his fiance)… The gal looked at me like I had two heads when I answered “we haven’t set a date yet” and that we would probably be married in a few years. I am feeling the pressure now, we need to start figuring out wedding stuff- I get it!

Plus the HR gal at N work said a domestic partnership for insurance purposes was not an option so now we are trying to decide if we are just going to go get our marriage license now and be legally married on paper so our finances and insurance can be in order even though we haven’t actually had a wedding…

In other news the talk was all about how we were hammered by the remnants of hurricane Ike. It was our “welcome to Indiana” event!

We were without power on Sunday like everyone else in the area but many remain without power and some schools are even canceling class as a result of the situation. I guess the power situtaion continues to impact people and many are even turning to the red cross for shelter and meals as a result of the situation around here. We were fortunate.

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  1. Yes, T, you and N are very fortunate – mostly because you have each other for the good and the bad times. (and that is why I say, get married for all of the benefits, paperwise and emotional) I am glad that N’s job is working out so well for him and that you are in a house for more than 6 mos 🙂

  2. Goodness! Talk about coming in like a lion! What a welcome you got with the power outages and all. I’m glad nobody was hurt and that you are settling in though. People just get excited for you about weddings, but don’t stess over it – do what works best for you. A civil ceremony for insurance and health purposes might be a good idea then you can take your time and plan the party stuff just the way you want it. Whatever way you choose, I’m sure it will be wonderful.

  3. I’m all for getting married just everything is on paper. It will probably make things easier for the two of you. Then you have the ceremony when you want. I’m glad to hear that N’s first day went smoothly. Good luck with all the unpacking….and I’m just not ready to talk about the upcoming holidays yet:)

    Beckys last blog post..I’m Alive

  4. One of my daughters got married “on paper” then later they had a ceremony with friends and family.

    The reason they did this is because if they were married, the Army greatly increased the household goods allowance for moving. That saved them enough to have a really nice wedding.

    Plus, they options when it comes to celebrating the anniversary 🙂

  5. Get married when YOU want to girl !! But my advice is that marriage changes everything so be ready for that.

    I HATE water in the basement and I had to find out how to get rid of it twice now. But the best way was to have a “French Drain” dug in around your house. When you don’t have kids it is not so much of an issue but these new molds that grow on damp walls can be a problem. Get your sump pump working for now girl !!

    Anatasia Fairchilds last blog post..Millionaire to NPO King

  6. I vote for marriage on paper before the wedding. It could save a TON of money on insurance and you’re going to do it anyway.

    As far as people looking at you weird when you say you haven’t set a date…THAT is weird. Um, we just got engaged! Um, we’ve spent the past 2 weeks moving. We haven’t exactly had a lot of time to discuss wedding details.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Answer: 9

  7. Hi! Thanks for visiting my site!

    I’m glad that in spite of wind, rain, and malfunctioing two-prong plugs, the move went well. Enjoy your quite time while you have it. I imagine with the coming holidays, your house is going to be packed and you’ll be sneaking off to the cellar for a little alone time.

    Dingos last blog post..I Should Run With A First Aid Kit

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