Kmart’s Online Layaway Program Ruins The Holiday For Many…

If you are a Kmart customer with an online layaway contract you might be unpleasantly surprised this week. At this writing there are about 704 angry consumers battling Kmart over their unfulfilled layaway contracts. Unfortunately, we happen to be one of them. It seems Kmart did a piss-poor job of reconciling the online layaway order contracts […]

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Favorite Flourless Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everly’s kindergarten snack day was this week at school. We are gluten free so snacks always take some advance planning. Her class knows she is gluten free but we understand that not everyone will remember or care about her not being able to eat glutenous snacks… so I do my best to find her delicious […]

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It’s unfortunate when you “golden shower” yourself… Right?

Someone has popped two top teeth through and is getting quite active, so active that the worn out velcro closures on my five year old cloth diapers aren’t doing the job anymore. Must make time to covert the velcro to snaps, ASAP! Last night when I heard a tiny baby cough coming from the bedroom I […]

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From city to country life

On crashing and lessons learned during the first week of farm life.

We’ve officially completed our first week on Tanglefoot Ranch. Its been a major whirlwind of activity but its been really great. Speaking of Tanglefoot, are you on our mailing list yet?Seeds have been sowed, our future chicken/ garden space is being readied. I’ve taken over care of the 40 meat birds. Nathan learned to drive […]

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