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36 week progress, practice labor? We'll see!

5:42:00 PM: Childbirth update: Non-hurty contraction, baby fish flops and swims around, repeat contraction, repeat baby movement, repeat contraction…

4:15 – tightening, no pain, eating a sandwich and sitting at kitchen table
4:46 – tightening, discomfort, no cramping or stabbing pain, sitting at kitchen table- Left front hip hurts, right lower back/ hip hurts
5:20 – tightening, some discomfort in lower pelvis/ cervix?
5:34 – tightening sitting on the couch, no real discomfort
5:49 – tightening sitting on the couch, no real discomfort

6:47:53 PM: Whew.. My frequent contractions have ended Hubby will be home soon, need to make cookies (to show him up). Yum!

After reading some blogs from my reader I discovered I may have I just had a spout of irritable uterus! I had the urge to eat an entire half of a watermelon today and I’ve had tons of water and iced tea. Hmm. Irritable uterus… Interesting.

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  1. I tell you! I have to drink like 4 times those big gulp cups of water! My midwife recommends to use the benadryl as a last resort. Comes in handy at 1 am when I am wondering if I should tell hubby to grab the hospital bag. lol. She reassured me that the benadryl will never stop a REAL labor. Doesn’t hurt to try.

    Janelles last blog post..Chicken, Tomatoes and Baby News

  2. Yeah, actual labour contractions hurt like a motherf*cker. But the practise stuff is great! Will hopefully make for an easier labour in the long run.

    Veronicas last blog post..Curious

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