Counting our blessings: Slideshow and Linky Love!

I am honestly amazed at how blessed we are. I’ve got a slew of blogging buddies I want to give a “shout out” to because they rock. So many unexpected gestures from so many people have warmed our hearts.

You know when you build relationships with people it is easy to forget how truly special friendship is. Sure you chat from day to day and you really do become involved in each others lives but rare is the occasion when you realize just how blessed you truly are by their friendship and companionship.

This whole having a baby thing has totally opened my eyes to how many unexpected blessings we have in those friends and family around us. Now since I am away waiting for labor to begin I thought sharing a slide show of Tater’s gifts would be a good post idea.

I am working on the thank you cards right now but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for thinking of our little girl, we treasure and totally appreciate everything you have done for us! Here is what has been sent to little Tater from afar:

I also wanted to share some linky love too:

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  1. You guys scored on the gifts! 🙂 I’m so glad so many people reached out and gave things to tater…she is a very loved baby!

    How did Nates first Father’s day go?

    P.S. I think tater needs to stop making us all wait…we are all ready for her to make her big debut!

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