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Damn pets, quit being assholes! I am pregnant, deal with it okay?

I swear the pets are doing everything in their power to mess with me these days. Normally I love my pets very much but it seems these days they aren’t so happy with me and are doing everything they can to piss me off or to mess something up!

I’ve got the one cat that is literally stealing food that I am trying to put in my mouth. I can’t eat without also sharing what I have with him. I don’t want to have to share a bite with the cat before I can have a bite for myself and my child growing inside, sheesh!

Go down stairs and eat the damn cat food that is in your bowl and always available! You don’t need people food my friend, thanks for playing!

And who is protesting the cat box? Seriously we’ve NEVER had box issues and now all of the sudden someone is hanging their ass off the side of the cat box and shitting on the tile floor. They do stand in the cat box but the shit is not dropping in the box, it is intentional. I swear it is!

Oh and the dog is making me want to kill her! First she barks non-stop at nothing when outside which annoys the crap out of me. Then when we bring her inside she is under our feet 24/7, like tripping me and being all annoying.

Also, she insists on pissing in this one corner of the house. It is easily cleanable but it is super annoying. She does it just to get to me, she refuses to signal that she needs to go outside to do her business. She just waits till you aren’t paying attention (like during nap time) then she slinks down to her area, does her business in the bad place and comes back around like nothing happen. WTF?

When she is inside she does this constant lip smacking/ sucking thing that makes my blood boil! I really have a big problem with mouth sounds. Licking, chewing and sucking make me crazy whether it is animal or human making the sounds. Ugh, so annoying!

Another cat of ours is acting like the world is ending constantly. He wants you to leave the faucet dripping so he can drink running water. He is a bit OCD about his obsessions so he’ll want to drink every 10 minutes or so.

If you are in the bathroom or walking by the bathroom he does everything in his power to get you to turn that faucet on. He cries at you, scratches the sink, rubs the faucet, trips you as you walk and he’ll even come and sit in your face all annoyed if you aren’t near the bathroom.

I don’t know if it is the growing piles of boxes and the transitionary mood of life these days or if they sense the baby is on the way and the attention is about to shift. Either way they are making me pretty insane! Do you think they will adjust to baby and the new house fine or are we in for it?

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  1. Did u read my post about the exact same thing? My dog has taken to wanting to poo in the baby’s room, we have to keep the door shut, she just keeps going in there and doing it, then coming out. She has NEVER done it before. So pets must be able to sense that something new is coming. I was SO mad at her that I cried. YUCK.

  2. I dont’ know if it’s the weather or spring maybe… but my cats have been off the wall too. They have been constantly jumping on our counters in the kitchen, which is nasty and drives me nuts, and our little kitty jumps into the kitchen sink and drinks the water.If there are dishes in the sink, I will usually put water in them to soak and he drinks that nasty water too. he loves getting into the bath tub when u start running the water. As soon as he hears it, he will dart from wherever he is at, and runs like a crazy cat into the tub,lol. If we shut the door and don’t let him in, he will stand outside the door and put his little paws underneath the door and he makes these wierd ” meow” noises until you get out.
    As far as the baby goes, they have been really good around him. Our older cat Angel, goes and sits by him and Riley will grab her fur and have a death grip on her, and she just sits there and lets him do it, unless he grabs her tail. Our smaller cat Stewart, just ignores Riley. But one thing, we have to make sure our bedroom door is closed because they like to jump in the crib. Angel likes to try to sleep in it and Stewart just wants to play in it.

  3. I have nothing to offer on pets. With the exception of a cat that was an indoor/outdoor cat, all of ours have been outdoor pets.

    Well, there was another dog that was an indoor one that we gave away shortly after the first baby was born. I don’t think Susie (a toy poodle) would have hurt the baby, I think she was jumping into the crib to help mother, but I couldn’t handle it.

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  4. I guess it could be the season change making them all nutty huh? Never thought of that.

    They could be having spring fever just like me, ha! Or the are just getting all jealous and crazy because they sense we care more about Tater… Hm.

  5. Janelle »

    Ha! Yours are super sweet because you aren’t forcing them outside the house at the moment! Now that they know what is out there they’ve resorted to kissing your butt just so they can stay indoors. LOL!!!

  6. My dogs went INSANE when I brought home a baby. From out of nowhere they started regressing, peeing and pooping indoors, and needing to pee in the middle of the night –like they hadn’t been potty trained for 2 years before???? I had to start getting up to let the DOGS OUT in the night, even when my 3 month-old was sleeping through the night.

    They sense SO MUCH. Now my Border Collie spends entire days moving every time I move. He’s within inches of my feet at all times. Makes me insane, but also makes me wonder what he senses. That, or he’s had it and is trying to trip me so I’ll tumble down the stairs and he’ll be rid of me.

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