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Everly flies solo for Montessori preschool today!

My baby girl went to school on her own for the first time today. *tear*
Addie and Mommy had to drop her off and come back home since Addie has a nasty tummy bug (aka purging from both directions) and a fever. Everly didn’t even seem to care… I am amazed, surprised and very proud of her.

I’ve normally been hanging out there at the home where her Montessori preschool classes take place. Everly was super insecure about starting school this winter and she cried a few times when she couldn’t stay with me as opposed to doing class upstairs with the other kids.The intention has been to gradually ease her in to doing things on her own. Especially in light of the lack of  childless time (aka dates) Nathan and I have had since becoming parents. We’ve left Everly in someone elses care three times total, in almost 4 years.

“Mom, do you have somewhere to go today?” she asked. She likely noiced that Adalyn wasn’t removed from the car and that the car wasn’t parked in our normal spot. When I told her we were going back home so Adalyn could sleep and get cleaned up she just hugged, kissed me, did a little excited jump, smiled and went off to do her thing. Of course she blew me a kiss as I left the room.

She’s three going on four and it’s just amazing how much they grow in such a short time!

Here is a photo of her, all dressed for the school day today.

Notice the pajamas underneath her “going somewhere” clothes? She refused to take the PJ’s off when dressing for the day. She likes to be warm she says. I didn’t fight the battle on this one since I knew it was already going to be a potentially emotional day, with me leaving her at school alone. I am sure some people think I am crazy for letting her out of the house like this but whatev. We’re making memories!

Plus, I hate to squash her feelings of accomplishment over dressing herself with my own expectations and worries about her fashion. We did tackle her hair though 😉 She likes it in pig tails.

On the way home after school, there was freezing rain falling and I was driving extra careful and slow but got pulled over anyway. Apparently  NOT signaling for the 2 seconds it takes to slow the car down once in the turning lane for our street is ticket worthy. Luckily, I was given a warning. It was a good learning experience for the girls as they were in the car with me when I was pulled over. Everly had lots of questions about the experience.

We’ve previously discussed the laws about seat-belts and carseats with Everly, now she believes that the police do stop you and that they are watching. This will come in handy in the future I am sure.

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