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Happier monday- stinky dog..

N had today off and we had a whole slew of things to get done around here. I went in for my second blood work appointment… Still no answers or info about my cycles and whether or not I am ovulating. I am still on my quest to eat more and am sadly coming out about 400 calories short each day..

Dixie has been doing the butt dragging thing lately and has been shedding lots so we decided we would take her to the groomer today while we were running errands and having my blood drawn. They do a “full tune up” over at petsmart, teeth, nails, anal glands, washing, ear cleaning etc.. So we figured everyone would benefit from taking her to he groomer. She was so scared to go away with the strange grooming lady but boy did she look and smell nice afterwards!

Today was the first day back to school after my students got 3rd place at championships. No, I am not done teaching till June! Things are more low key from here till the end of the school year but I am still teaching and working with them. We are doing a fun little hip hop number that is a bit out of my comfort zone, I can only dance classically and gracefully.. Hip hop it awkward and foreign but we are going to do it anyway!

I am still stressed out and exhausted but am seeing things in happier light as each day passes. I just be happy to have all my infertility questions answered when my blood work comes back.

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3 thoughts on “Happier monday- stinky dog..

  1. Hang in there, buddy! We are waiting on the edge of our seats with you.

    I think it is very ambitious to do the hip hop if it is out of your comfort zone but I bet it will be fun.

    I wonder if you can get more calories by adding some fruit smoothies to your morning breakfast? Drinking calories is sometimes easier than eating them and you can make them yourself at home to make sure they are still fresh and healthy. You could add a little coconut oil to them to add a bit of fat and calories and never even know it was in there. 🙂 I love me some fruit smoothies. Maybe too much. I should just give you some of my fat and calories. 🙂

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