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Homemade Gift Idea- Origami Treat Box

We have about 8 Victoria’s Secret catalogs that are piled up on our living room table. Each catalog has the exact same products in it just in a different order. Anyway I wanted to put them to good use somehow, I was going to use them to start the fireplace up or something.

Tonight I came across a fun blog site that I was browsing. One of the articles posted was a tutorial on creating easy origami gift boxes. I thought this was a cute way for me to give some of my homemade goodies this holiday season. I was trying to learn the fold tonight and I used paper from the wasteful Victoria’s Secret catalogs. The boxes are actually really cute because of the catalog colors and print and the box is really easy to learn!

If you are trying to save money or if you just love to give homemade gifts consider recycling some of your piled up catalogs! Make some origami gift boxes and fill them with homemade goodies like truffles, bite sized cookies or fudge!


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