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It is only 6am, let me sleep!

My cats are so annoying sometimes, Mr. guy especially! He is a control freak and will have litle temper tantrums if life does not follow the routine HE is used to.

N did not come home last night, that is a routine disruption. N usually gets up at about 6 or 7 am everyday and I will get up around 8 am. this morning Mr. guy proceeded to paw at me, pull the covers off of me and he even tried to weasel his way under the covers so he could scratch me. It was 6am, nobody was awake so he took it upon himself to try every trick in the book to wake me.

Pawing at the blinds to make noise, touching me with his wet/ cold nose, jumping on my head, pulling the covers off of me and scratching me were his torture tactics. He HAD to get me up because the world would end if the schedule & routine are not adhered to.

If cats are so smart that they can memorize schedules and routines to the minute then why can’t they recognize who the person is that usually completes the tasks? I m not the early riser nor do I want to be. I don’t care if you want me to wake up so leave me the freak alone!!

So I caved. I got up early thanks to Mr. guy and was in the process of taking my waking temperature. Once I recorded it I was feeling relaxed and had begun to doze off. Yes! I was going back to sleep.

Then Andrew strolls in and decides he needs to lay in the plastic bag of clothes by my bed. He rustles the plastic as much as he possibly can, Mr. guy is still using his torture tactics on me and I just yell “Fine! I am up you freaking ass holes!”. Dixie who is patiently sleeping in the doorway to the bedroom becomes frightened at my sudden outburst. Did she do something wrong? She vacates the area just to be sure.

I stumble across the bedroom looking for my PJ’s and Jack darts under my feet and meows at me, then Hailey comes in and meows too. I have only been up for 10 minutes and they are making me crazy! Am I irritable today or what? I am pretty sure I just wanted to have restful calm morning.

Turns out the gato food bowls are empty. They had food when I went to bed last night so they aren’t starving! Apparently having empty food bowls throws them into a tizzy! That is why the world is ending for them today. Is it mean that I am not rushing to fill the bowls back up? It’s only fair to torture them a bit in return right? LOL (Don’t worry I am only kidding, don’t report me.)


Oh- for those of you following my post yesterday, N’s footage about the FLDS situation aired in Colorado and is available online for your viewing pleasure.. You can check it out @

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5 thoughts on “It is only 6am, let me sleep!

  1. UGH, one of my cats will sit outside the bedroom door and yowl and yowl until somebody lets her in. But only if it’s early in the morning and I have a rare opportunity to sleep late while hubs watches the kids. Even if I let her in, I want the door closed to keep the noise out…then she’ll yowl to be let out. Crazy gato!

    Great video of Nathan!

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