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Preparing for turkey day and such…

Over the weekend we finally found a turkey that was not injected with hormones and various preservative solutions. Can you believe that nobody sells turkeys locally here? We looked high and low for one and were sorely disappointed! Then we figure we would settle for one that was at least hormone/ solution free.

The kitchen is fully stocked for turkey day madness and N will even have the day off. The last several turkey days have meant that we ate dinner at about midnight after N came home from working all day. I cooked all freaking day by myself too.

With the pregnancy I am not sure I’ll be able to manage cooking all by myself this year. Now that N has the day off we’ll to be able to spend the whole day together, cook together and eat at a reasonable time. Woho!

Do you typically prepare the same Thanksgiving feast every year or do the menu items change every time? I am planning to prepare my usual feast and was starting to wonder if having the same goodness every year is bad. I mean it all rocks and is something I look forward to each year but should I change it up from time to time or is tradition best? How does everyone else work the turkey day menu?

For thanksgiving we normally have a herb crusted turkey with N’s yummy cranberry glaze. I make a huge green bean casserole, sweet potatoes smothered in marshmallow, stuffing and a yummy pumpkin maple cheesecake.

What are you planning to make for turkey day and do you like to change things up from year to year?

Oh and guess who managed to botch balancing the bank account again this pay period. Remember last time when I forgot to pay the rent? Yep, I am an attentive one these days!

Well this time I once again got all carried away paying every bill in sight and I didn’t monitor the account from the time of bill paying to now… All the dang unessential charges are going to overdraft us, boo!

We used to have a separate account for bills, that way all the money for bills went in one place and the left over money was there for whatever else…Now that we only have one account I am F-ing it all up by not keeping up with the slew of nonessential charges. Good times.

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  1. Uh-oh. You have pregnancy-brain? I hope you get those checkbooks straightened out. I had to stop doing ours and hand it over to TGH after always doing it myself. But after chemo, I just couldn’t keep things straight.

    Anyway, I think changing things up is always fun. I mean, you will always have your tried and true recipes. But part of creating your own traditions means trying and adoping new things. 🙂

    I don’t make a big meal if it is just going to be TGH and I. But usually bring something to my in-laws and eat there for Turkey day. I will probably be making a Christmas Eve meal for some of my family though. I should start thinking about that menu soon so let me know if you have any winners!

  2. For Turkey day, I make the essentials – meat, veg, and potatoes… but I try to make a new item every year to spice it up. My mom used to make a grated carrot dish with bread crumbs on the top… I have and NEVER will make the disgusting thing! Your pumpkin maple cheesecake sounds yummy! 🙂

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  3. Oh for those of you following my weight gain… I weighed in at 110 last night.

    Just wanted to post an update on that for the Talina’s baby weight contest.

  4. I’ve never figured out multiple checking accounts. I have a “bill” account that pretty much handles EVERYTHING, and an investment account…that I only touch for emergencies. I’m in awe of people who manage to figure out “his” “hers” and “ours” and “other” and “bills”. 😉

    Rees last blog post..Tuesday is a cheap date

  5. My family has always made ham and dough (its a spiral cut bone in ham wrapped in dough then you cover it and back it for several hours). It was something that my Gramma did because she knew everyone was going to get their fill of turkey from other dinners during the weekend! I can get you the recipe if you would like it makes an excellent Christmas Dinner. It goes great with baked potatoes, corn and a salad! You dont need bread because you eat the dough, its so good!!!

  6. we dont have turkey day here until the 25th Dec, and then we get sick of turkey sammidges, turkey salad, turkey surprise for the week afterwards! 😉

    Tradition is good though, I like knowing what I’ll eat at Christmas dinner. I’d hate it if a new thing went wrong and spoiled the dinner but, I dont do the cooking so I dont get a say in it (or so she says)

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  7. Ahh me living over in the UK means we don’t really celebrate thanksgiving. I always meant to though while I was still at university, but never did – maybe this year I’ll see what I can do about having turkey day!

    According to your pregnancy monitor it says your having the baby this week…I’m not sure if thats just a glitch in the software, but maybe you’ll have a baby before thanksgiving?

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  8. I gotta vote for tradition. Turkey and the trimmings… cranberry sauce… mashed potatoes and gravy… mmmm. Do it twice a year.

    As to the money… well, that is a pain. If your online banking can do it, I’ve found it helps to have an email notification set once your balance reaches a certain level. That, and a twice weekly check of my account balance online has kept me afloat. When I deviate from that I get overdraft fees.

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  9. Dan » I need to change the pregnancy widget because it has been displaying the wrong due date for people using browsers other than Mozilla… 🙁 I am due in June 2009

    Thanks for stopping by, have some turkey this year just for fun. Yum!

  10. I have always liked the traditional dishes we put together but something new is always fun too. I usually see fun ways to cook the turkey or other dishes but am always afraid of the results afterward, especially when it’s just the two of us. Our turkey this year will be different since it’s smoked. That will be our “something new to try” this year!

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  11. Ok – totally unrelated aside here. I followed you here via Dutchie because of your name. I have a friend named Talina and up until now I never thought anyone else would have the same name.

    So…the question is, did your parents name you after the character in the Pern novels too? 🙂


  12. This will be the first year that I DON”T HAVE TO WORK on Thanksgiving. As you know, working in the Resturant industry, we were always making Thanksgiving dinner for alot of other people. It feels nice to have someone cook for you
    Adam, Faith, Riley ,and myself will be going to West Virginia to Adams grandmas house and they will be doing the cooking. I offered to help but was turned
    I would love that Pumpkin Maple Cheesecake recipe. That sounds sooo yummy!!

  13. Cinnkitty » Thanks for visiting! About the name: Nope, my mom just made it up after seeing a movie in the theater. Someone had a similar name like Salina or Catalina and she just decided on Talina…

  14. Yeah, pregnancy brain is still what I have. I have already lost my wallet with EVERYTHING I need in it. My military ID has my hubby’s S.S. number on it and all. Luckily someone found it and gave it to the store, so I got it back. Sleep deprivation has made me very forgetful about everything. I hope it’s gets

  15. I am making a roasted chicken (there’s only 4 of us eating, don’t like turkey anyway), cornbread dressing, giblet gravy made with cornstarch (I am gluten intolerant so can’t eat anything made with wheat), squash casserole, sweet potato souffle, and steamed green beans with basil, and deviled eggs. that is enough. I think my friends are bringing a pecan pie, but I can not eat it because of the crust.

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