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Road Trip Day 4 – Dodge City, KS to Emporia, KS

In Dodge City, KS we stayed at the Watersports Campground and were pleased with the lake view from our site. We were also pleasantly surprised to find that they had free WIFI on site for guests. I spent a leisurely morning waking up at about 9 am local time and then I did some business on the internet in bed before getting dressed and venturing out of the RV.

When I did venture outside I was loving the view of the lake so I went down to take some photos of the view and to enjoy the morning a bit. My mom and Dixie were already down enjoying the water.

We have taken Dixie to a creek before (it was oak creek canyon north of Sedona, AZ) and she was so scared of the water. No matter what we did we could not get her in it so when I saw her wading through the water at the RV site I was amazed. I took photos, of course. We threw stick for her to fetch and she had a great time.

We got the whole group together for a traditional group photo at the campsite, I was feeling a bit artsy- see how I got some pretty flowers in the shot? I thought it was cool!

All the animals have behaved remarkably well on this trip. We have had 2 cats escape the RV through the screen door but we noticed and retrieved them before they got too far. Gabby and Hailey will sit with us while we are driving down the road, all my boys (my male cats) hide under the bed while the RV is moving.

Here is a funny video of Dixie, we stopped to take photo with a few giant fake farm animals in a park. Dixie was not comfortable with the huge cow.

We visited the Dodge City Museum before heading towards Emporia, KS and had a great time. We learned about the historic buffalo slaughter that occurred. Apparently the government felt that killing all the buffalo was a good way to drive the native Americans out of the area and to end the conflict between the cowboys and “Indians”.

While we were browsing the shops I was looking at the rag doll kits. With them you can make your own rag doll like they did back in the day on the wagons. This reminded my mom of one of our relatives who was orphaned during that era.

Apparently her parents feared for her safety while they were traveling by wagon (since the native Americans were attacking the “white man” who were attempting to take over the land). This relative was left on the side of the trail for someone fleeing the land to adopt and take to safety. The only thing this relative had when she was left on the side of the trail was one of those rag dolls.

Here are some the photos taken at The Dodge Museum, some are a bit funky because of the lighting in the place.

After we finished up at the Dodge City Museum we headed out on the 400 towards Wichita, KS to do our mystery shop. Along the side of the road we spotted some fun “whirly-gigs” in Mullinville, KS  (zip code 67109). We pulled off to admire them and take photos. Basically the owner of the land shares political opinions via a slew of entertaining and eye catching yard decor. It is sure a sight to see!

Next we drove through Greensburg, KS, This town is significant because about a year ago it was hit very hard by a tornado and now it is being rebuilt all Green (as in environmentally friendly and energy efficient). We pulled off to take photos and take the sights in. You can still see the devastation left behind by the tornado but they sure are rebuilding! As you exit the town you get to see a fun little sign.

Once we arrived in Wichita, KS we did a mystery shop at a tanning salon, N was the one tanning since he is he whitest one out of the two of us. He tanned for 10 minutes and was told he wouldn’t see results with such a short tanning time. The gal tried to suggest the most expensive tanning session to him and wasn’t educated about the process or eager to help him through his first time tanning experience. As a result he had an awful experience!

2 hours after his tanning he was looking like a lobster and was feeling like crap. They didn’t have him use a tanning cream or any kind of skin protectant and he was even talked out of getting protective eyewear. We are tanning salon people so we had no idea about whether or not you are supposed to burn to a crisp, he did…

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  1. The videos and pics were cool EXCEPT for the ones where N got sunburned. That is just so wrong – nobody should come out burned. I hope that you guys write up that shop in a way that teaches them a lesson or somebody could really get hurt. I love that Dixie was afraid of the big fake cow. At least she is smart to be wary like that.

  2. I especially enjoyed your videos of Dixie… she was so funny with the fake cow!! I am glad that your pets are doing well.

    I guess that the tanning salon got a bad review from you… sorry that N got to be the guinea pig! But I’ll bet that he is glad that he took the tan and that it was not YOU that got so burned.

    I, too, am on a bit of a road trip. I flew into VA to see my husband for a few days. Hanna is suppose to hit here today. I am going to try to post some of my pics from his laptop.

    I look forward to reading your blog 🙂

  3. I have one week of slacker blogging and I’m missing the fricking road trip..
    Wave to me as you travel through St Louis..

    Kansas was the worst part..your are on the home stretch!

    mps last blog post..Slacker Central

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