Baby finches at 6 weeks old- an update and video.

I am posting this update on my baby zebra finches for the 3 families that will be adopting them in the near future. As of today the baby finches are 6 weeks and 1 day old.

They have been in a separate cage from their parents for 8 days now and are eating on their own but do not seem to have begun “molting” or gaining their adult feathers so the sex is still unclear.

As you will see in the video I took two of the finches are have traditional colors and one appears to have a color mutation that makes it more unique. We have 5 new eggs in the nest with mom and dad so we are getting ready to send the juvenile finches off to their new homes.

According to finch experts juvenile finches should not be sold or given to new owners until they complete their first molt and the sex is apparent. “Many birds are lost by changing their environment before they complete their first molt and have stabilized from that stress. So we expect the birds to be ready pretty soon here, maybe 2 weeks. I’ll keep you posted! Now enjoy the video:

Raising baby finches – week 2 updates



On December 4th our first baby finch hatched, since then two more

have hatched and grown quite quickly! Today they are two weeks and 3 days old and we are beginning to notice more about them.

They are no longer ugly looking now that their feathers have come in, they are actually very cute right now. Two of the finches are a light tan/ cream color, one of them has an all white body and a dark gray head.

baby-finch-good-shot.jpg We were thinking that this finch could be albino because of the white colored body. However, the head is not white and the eyes are not read so we are not sure if this is even the case.

I found a bird message board that provides good information, it’s called Phil’s Feathered Friends there is a ton of bird information on this site if you need it. I am planning to post some questions and hopefully my photos there with hopes of gaining some more information about my odd colored finch.

We were hoping to give a finch as a holiday gift but we have learned that at two weeks the babies need about another 3 weeks with the parents.

By the looks of the nest activity last night I was sure they were getting ready to leave the nest. One baby was trying to climb out of the nest and the parents seemed to be coaxing them out of the nest but we have not witnessed anybody actually leaving the nest.

Most of the information online says that they wont leave the nest until about 5-6 weeks old, that gives ours another 4 weeks! I really thought they were developing faster than that.

When the babies begin to venture out of the nest and for right now as they try we are putting some crumpled up napkins directly under the nest to soften the fall if any babies happen to flop out of the nest. If baby finches fall out of the nest before they can fly they should be gently placed back into the nest.

Whatever you do don’t move the nest closer to the floor! This was a thought we had and we were advised that finches find safely in height, this is why they like to nest high up in trees. Moving the nest may cause the parents to fear the placement, avoid the nest and essentially stop taking care of the babies. That would be bad.

Lots of people are asking if their is special baby finch food that should be used in these developmental weeks. I was also wondering this and as it turns out the only thing the babies really need is proper nutrients. The parents will eat and regurgitate food into the baby’s mouth. Some people recommend using “egg food” during this crucial time, I was unable to find egg food at the local pet store.

I have resorted to adding a vitamin supplement to the drinking water and I feed the finches their regular food (finch seed blend). This appears to be working great but the finches are eating 3 times more food than normal so I am dumping cracked seed and refilling quite often (3 times a day). We only fill the very bottom of the feeder dish with seed since the finches aren’t digging through the seed to find un-craked seeds to eat, they only eat from the top layer of food.

If you are looking for all the posts I’ve written about my baby finches, their progress and photos check this link! I’ll be posting more as they grown and develop!

Updates on the baby finches

baby-finch-getting-feathers.jpgI wanted to share the updates on our baby finches today. Some of you may know that our finches hatched 3 eggs after the second attempt at hatching eggs. Today I got one of the hatchlings out of the stinky nest.

As you can see in the photo they are getting fed and are starting to get their feathers. Our chicks are about 7-10 days old and they are growing like crazy!

Do you see the seed looking stuff under the skin between it’s neck and body? That is the food they have been fed, it’s called the crop.

The babies have opened their eyes and are also getting much stronger now. They are now able to move around the inside the nest on their own and their feathers are really starting to grow.

We are having so much fun watching these finches develop! I hope you are enjoying seeing the photos and I hope you enjoy this video!

We are just watching our baby finches and trying to stay warm. We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground around here and the temperatures have been below freezing all week.

Burr, I need to add more wood the the fire! Keep warm and enjoy the video & photo!

[youtube seYOPhm5PYo]

Finches leave the nest! Happy x-mas eve!

4-finches.jpgYesterday I got a photo of two of my baby finches outside of the nest having a good time! My gray one and a cream colored one were hanging out on a perch together testing the waters! I am super excited and surprised that they are flying so early in their development!

In other news our holiday kitchen madness has ended! We spent much of 12/22/07 making fudge, orange ham glaze, cinnamon raisin bread, rice crispy treats, chocolate dipped pretzels, English toffee, oatmeal raisin cookie mix, rustic soup mix and much more! We were canning, packaging and wrapping like crazy till about 2 am!

We made up lots of good treats to give away to family and we had some fun too! I think the baking and crafting that we do every year for family is a nice tradition that allows us to spend quality time together while making some gifts from the heart for those we love.

We actually had some crazy times during it all too! My doggie and I danced to holiday music and I made a pretty major typo on a recipe label for N’s soup mix and didn’t notice it till he read it out loud, then we both were overcome with the giggles and spend about 5 minutes laughing hysterically about it.

Here are some photos of the gooey goodness we were slaving away (lol) to make, don’t get too hungry or drool all over your keyboard! 🙂

chocolate-dipped-pretzels-and-crispy-treats.jpg chocolate-dipped-pretzels1.jpgenglish-toffee-boiling.jpg

Well, I hope you all are having an enjoyable x-mas eve! I would love to hear about your preparations for the holiday. Did you bond with someone or have a good laugh today?

Well, take care and get to sleep before Santa comes! 😉

Spoke too soon- My baby finch is FLYING!

Yesterday I posted about Raising baby finches – week 2 updates. I looked back in my blog post history to see when the first baby hatched. It was December 4th. Before looking back to see just how old the babies were I was gray-finch.JPGsure the were preparing to try flying. After reading the available info my idea was crushed because 2 week and 4 day old birds don’t try to fly!

I called my mom and told her that I wouldn’t be able to give a live finch as a gift but that I would still give the finch, it just wouldn’t be ready to leave the parents for several more weeks.

This morning N woke me up, I was sleeping in because I took nighttime cold medicine. He informed me that our “gray” baby finch had left the nest and was flying around and that I might like to come see it!

What a pretty finch! The beak and head are grayish/ silver and the body is white. We are so excited that the finch is flying and “spreading it’s wings”, now we have two more to go… Watching these little guys develop and grow has been such a cool experience!

Raising and breeding finches

Male finches sing a lovely song and can bring great joy into a home. Adding a female finch (of the same breed) can also be quite a joy but hatching finches requires a bit of knowledge and planning! If you are interested in finding info about how to hatch your own baby finches you have come to the right place! My own finches have started laying eggs and we are expecting babies in a few days.

If you plan on getting finches and having them breed you will need to first provide them with a nest. Many finch experts will tell you that store bought nests are best for finches. Generally it is best to give your adult finches the same type of nest they were bred in although some finches will prefer to build their own nests. Once you provide a nest don’t be surprised if it is rejected by your finches just get them a different one and see how they react to it. They will eventually take to a nest and you will be on your way to breeding finches!

Once your finches have a nest they will require ample sunlight and they must feel safe and secure. If you have pair of finches and you don’t want them to breed just take the nest away from them. Finches will not breed without a nest.

When your finches are ready the male will fuss with the nest adding any provided nesting material to the nest as he sees fit. A frantic mating song and dance will occur and eventually you will find and egg in the nest.

The female will lay one egg per day; this is her building her clutch. Finches will typically lay up to eight eggs per clutch and once the desired clutch size is achieved the incubation period will begin. Sometimes the birds will begin incubation once the first egg is laid the incubation period will be about 10-16 days. If your eggs don’t hatch 20 days after the last egg was laid they most likely will not hatch at all and should be discarded.

Once your finch eggs hatch they will be cared for by their parents. Finches regurgitate food for their babies so you won’t need any special baby food for them. Just let the parents take care of the chicks. Once the chicks are eating on their own they can be removed from the parent’s cage. Chicks should be separated from the parents so they are not attacked and viewed as “in the way” when the parents try to breed again.

Be sure to keep your new finches from mating with each other. This will result in many birth defects and other issues. Pair your finches with unrelated mates or you can house them without a nest to discourage breeding.

My finch is trying to hatch a baby!

Some of you may remember the saga of my poor birds toe. Lately she has been doing great! I actually ended up cutting off the dead toe for her after several costly and pointless visits to the vet (the vet cut off the wrong toe!)…

Anyway, my bird is doing great! Her scabs are all healed and she able to use the foot. Today when I was checking the nest and cage I realized she laid an egg! I am going to have a baby bird soon!

So, now this is where I need my readers help! I don’t know a single thing about to do for my birds or their babies… Will she lay more eggs? How long will the eggs take to hatch? Does anyone have any tips? Please share!

Read updates on the finches and their hatchings here.

Enjoying holiday gifts and the miracles of life..

On December 26th we headed into town to pick up some accessories for our new goodies and we needed to exchange a gift I got N, he needed a smaller size belt.. While exchanging the belt we found him 3 pairs of pants that were each under $10.00 and I got about 6 shirts that were under $5.00. The after Christmas sales were awesome!

With my new camcorder I made a video of our 3 baby finches. Witnessing the miracle of life unfold in our own home has been great! They are all flying now, mom and dad are still feeding them and I captured feeding time on video for you to enjoy!

We are off to go see Enchanted in the theater today. Enjoy the finch video and have a good day!

More winter weather is on the way and we have more babies!

Well it looks like I am getting my wish for snow! We had a light snow storm last weekend and we are expected to get another one this weekend that will actually be starting tomorrow. This is great for Christmas cheer but bad for Christmas tree cutting. We had planned to cut our tree down last weekend but the storm stopped us, then we said we would do it this weekend but it looks as though the storm is stopping us again… We will see how the weather pans out, if it’s not too bad we may still go chop our tree down on Sunday.

Some of you already know that one of our finch eggs hatched this week, well I have more to report in that area! We now have two baby finches in the nest; daddy finch appears to be keeping them warm and fed so we may have some finches to give away for the holidays! It’s pretty cool to be able to witness the whole procreating process here in our home! We are so excited about the babies!

Our car drama has also worked its self out nicely. The woman who hit us was very nice and she explained the whole situation to her insurance company. They are taking care of the damage and our car rental while the damage is being repaired. We had an estimate done today on the damage and it came out to $2800! The shop will have our car for 10 business days (from Dec 17th – Dec 27th) and we will have a rental car for that time. We are thankful that the insurance clam has been easy and hassle free but we feel bad for the lady because of how costly the incident has turned out to be. At least it was just a parking lot fender bender and nobody was hurt!

Well, that is all I have to report here! I hope everyone stays warm and safe this week!



Homemade christmas gift ideas, to-go boxes and purses… Oh my!

Well, I have been busy! Over the thanksgiving weekend I have been brainstorming homemade gift ideas and I have been getting ready for an upcoming craft fair/ holiday sale. We did not get any snow as was predicted so we kept busy an entertained by rearranging the bedroom so it was more feng shui. Oh, our finch eggs have not hatched yet, I know many have been wondering about this.. We have 3 new eggs now in addition to the one that should be hatching.

Anyway, I have also been exploding with gift giving ideas this holiday season! I just taught myself how to fold little “Chinese food” type to-go boxes that I plan to stuff with goodies (maybe pecan buds and cookies or some homemade fudge) and give away this holiday. I’ll share how to make your own below.

I also read about making little handbags from old wool sweaters and thought I would give it a try. I went to the local thrift store and bought all the fun knit and wool sweaters I could find, they sell clothes by the pound there soI go lots of sweaters! These sweater purses are super cute, you can out gifts in them like bath sets or an assortment of fluffy socks or whatever else you can think of. You can also make matching gloves to go with this purse out of the sleeves of the sweater! These look so cute an cozy and are super easy to make!

To make the origami box with fold down lid follow these instructions: I am also planning to make a video of this fold because it’s difficult to explain and is easier to show, besides I am a visual learner so videos help me. This craft can be done with card stock, origami paper or just plain old computer paper (or old catalogs if you want to recycle). I used computer paper in the video.

  1. Start out with a perfect square piece of paper.
  2. Fold the lower left corner up to the upper right corner, repeat this for the lower right and upper left corners. This will leave you with an X running through the center of your square piece of paper.
  3. Next fold the trip of your lower left corner into the center so that the point is just touching the center of the X you just created. Repeat this for each of the 4 corners.
  4. Now unfold all the corners, you will see 4 squares inside on the inside of the paper and 2 triangles on each corner of the paper.
  5. Now fold the tip of your lower left corner to the newly formed line just under the opposing corner. Repeat this for each of the 4 corners.
  6. Keeping the 4 center boxes flat fold each side of the box up and crease the square box in between so the sides flap folds out. Repeat this for each of the 4 sides.
  7. Fold the side box flaps and glue
  8. Fold the top box flaps in an hole punch them so they can be tied with ribbon.
  9. Decorate your box and fill with goodies!

I had planned to publish the instructions for the cozy sweater purse but this post became rather long and for the sake of the sanity of my readers I put the instructions in a separate post so they could be found more easily.

Life is a zoo with pets!

Sometimes animals can be such a handful! Early this morning I woke up to the sound of our dog sifting through the recycle bin and licking tin cans. The last time our dog ate trash it was a messy situation if you know what I mean.. So I had to get out of bed and go stop the dog from eating trash in early this morning. Funny thing is that when I got to her she had grabbed the trash she wanted and she brought it into her home (we crate train her and she sleeps in her open crate as a comfort, the crate is called her home). So, my morning started extra early thanks to Miss Dixie…

I have more animal news to report. This morning after a nice big cup of coffee I checked the finches and noticed that our female finch laid another egg… Now we have two! My mom was right I need to get busy gathering information about the coming baby finches!

I learned today that the finches will eat and then regurgitate into the chicks mouths. The hen will generally lay one egg per day up to about 8 eggs will be laid! 8 eggs? What are we going to do with 10 finches?? Dang we need a plan.. 😮

When the hen is done laying her eggs (these eggs are considered a clutch) she will begin to sit on the clutch, this is when the incubation period begins. The eggs will begin to hatch about 13-14 days from when the incubation period begins. Eggs that do not hatch 20 days from the incubation period should be discarded as they are not fertile.

Now I need an additional bird cage and some people to give my future finches a home…

It's been a special day…

… and I don’t mean special in a good way!

Yesterday I sprayed lotion in my hair instead of hair spray. I did it right as we were about to walk out the door too so I had the pleasure of enjoying greasy lotion hair all through the afternoon and evening. Special!

Today has been just as great. First one of our pet finches got his abnormally long toenails stuck in the store bought wicker nest. Luckily he was rescued and went unscathed unlike the female finch we had back in the day that got stuck and lost several toes as a result.

It is a game day for the colorguard I teach so we rehearsed this afternoon and I was a flying ant magnet! I retrieved several of them from my cleavage, luckily the boob sweat killed ’em once they went down there.

Then I was coming home so Everly could have a nap and as we are heading in our front gate she spews curdled milk down my cleavage and a huge bee flies in to the side of my head. Turns out we have quite the bee family living on our gate under a wood slat or something.

Like I said, it’s been real special!

A white valentines day.?.?

Yep, we are having a white valentines day! It’s cold, snowy and cozy. I’ll get to use up lots of our fire wood today so that is good! The more we burn the less we will have to move in a few weeks.

Yesterday I tried to go out back and chip some ice off the sidewalk. We have these French back doors that we will need access to when we are moving all our large furniture out of this place. Unfortunately, the inches of slick ice covering the sidewalk and the feet of snow blocking our access to the parking area will prevent us from moving our stuff so we need to get that taken care of ASAP.

I also dug out my un-planted flower bulbs and got those babies in the soil yesterday. I am a bulb addict and I had a number of daffodils that I hadn’t planted yet and I would really love to enjoy their beauty this spring so I got them in the soil and let the chilling/ rooting process begin. I also spent $50 of a fresh batch of bulbs from Van Bourgondien and I am so excited to receive them!

In other news, our car battery is fine so that means we do need to replace the alternator on the car now. We are planning on doing it together this weekend ( I can build computers so why can’t I fix a car?) and I’ll let you know how successful that is, maybe I’ll have photos!

Oh, last thing is that we seem to have another white baby zebra finch. Our first batch of babies matured and went off to good homes and now mommy and daddy finch are nursing round 2 of babies! We started with 5 eggs, one was tossed by the parents and several days later another egg vanished. We suspect mommy and daddy ate it or tossed it so that left us with 3 eggs.

The three eggs hatched and were doing okay but yesterday I found one baby dead in the nest. I removed the dead baby and got to see the feathers on the remaining two babies. One is cream/ brownish and the other is gray/ white. Now the color mutation in these zebra finches is supposed to be very rare so I am surprised that it appears we have hatched another rare zebra finch.

So how is your Valentines Day going? Since it is valentines day you should share the love by heading over to vote on our chicken cooking videos. Give us 5 stars to help us win!

I gathered from reading my favorite blogs that many people are experiencing storms, power outages and all kinds of craziness.. How is the weather and day for you?

The birds got free and other crazy pet stories…

Well today was quite an eventful day! The school district called another snow day so I didn’t have to teach again today. I slept in a bit and then got up and let the Alexandria Maybelle (our bunny) run around the house. She was jumping and running in her cage and it seemed like she wanted to stretch her legs, so we put Dixie in her home and let Alexandria out of hers.

While bunny was running free N comes to me and declares “she did it”! She did what I asked… Turns out our female finch laid an egg today despite the fact that we removed their nest!

Our finches are currently raising 3 babies, the babies just started feeding themselves and today we discovered more laid eggs! We took the nest from the cage because we didn’t want our finches to lay anymore eggs and all the literature said that without a nest they would not lay eggs. We wanted some time before more babies were hatched.

Well, guess that idea is out the window! So, we went into the office to see the freshly laid egg and to decide what to do next.

We decided to remove the babies from the cage the parents were in. All the literature says that the parents would pluck the baby’s feathers and may kill them when they are trying to reproduce again.

We borrowed this cage from my mother, we are giving my parents a finch once the babies are sexed and older so they lent us a cage that we will transport their baby in when it’s time.

Anyway, we decided to put the babies in the borrowed cage but had a slight problem, the finches flew right between the bars of the cage! We had 4 birds flying free all over the office… Thankfully our cats we all out of the office so the birds were safe.

We attempted to shoot a video of us trying to get the birds back in the cage…

We also had some fun times with the crazy snow that has fallen lately.. We have had 2 snow days in a row and have had lots of snow to shovel.

Babies, babies everywhere!

Well as most of you know I am an auntie now. I posted a photo of baby Hazel Renee and I a few days ago and today I have another baby photo to share with you!

baby-finch.jpgMy finches hatched their first baby! They have been laying eggs since October and until today none of them had hatched. Being their first attempt at having babies we were understanding of the lack of successful hatching but today to my surprise there was a small baby in the nest in addition to the two unhatched eggs!

I tried to get a good photo without upsetting baby and parents. Hope you enjoy it! I’ll keep trying to get a better shot.

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