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Sparaxis (harlequin flowers)

Sparaxis BulbSparaxis is also know as the harlequin flower. It has a “sword shaped” leaf and very pretty mixed colored flowers. These are said to do poorly when exposed to temperatures below 28 degrees F and they do require mulch or some protective bedding where they are planted.

Sparaxis should be kept relatively dry during it’s dormant period, watering should increase once growth surfaces. This bulb flowers in mid to late spring and does best in full sun-partial shade. I also found out that these can be used for xeriscaping because they are really drought-tolerant (don’t over water these). This plant will spread freely via the seedlings. This is also a good container plant and makes a very pretty cut flower.

People have said that this plant grows fast and gets very tall. If you plant these close together it will prevent them from bending and breaking or you can group these with a similar but strong stemmed plant, or provide stakes and tie the stems to them.

I can’t wait for mine to bloom!

Specific plant info:
Blooms from summer to spring, low water needs, drought tolerant, full afternoon sun, plant in the fall.

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