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What is with snakes these days?

Over mothers day weekend there was this snake I almost stepped on that scared the crap out of me. Then last night I dream that I am walking the desert, on a hike, when I spot a snake. Then I see another, and another… The trail is crawling with snakes literally, Rattle snakes to be exact. Some are large some are small, while I am fearing the huge one to my right and trying to walk far away from it a smaller one on my left jumps up and bites my wrist.

I dreamed of being munched by a rattle snake, I thought to myself “where can I go that is safe from snakes to pass out from this attack?”. N was with me in the dream and I remember raising my wrist where I was munched to show him that the snake was still attached. I figured it would be good for the doctors if I kept the snake, you know in case they needed to make anti venom from it or something.

After that I don’t remember anything else. Strange dream huh? Then I got dressed and headed in for my last day of teaching at the high school. I wonder what a snake dream means. Hey witchypoo got any ideas?

So, still no word from Evansville, IN but we did hear from the mechanic today. The engine is shot, for sure. Now they are trying to come up with some repair options for us. You know a quote for a new engine, a quote for a salvaged engine (from the junk yard), a quote for a rebuild and all that. They are really taking care of us it seems. I love a good family mechanic that actually does try helping you and not just screwing you.

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4 thoughts on “What is with snakes these days?

  1. Usually snake dreams are about transformation. You are certainly facing some big changes…N’s job, perhaps a child. We fear snakes mostly as we fear change. I had to do some lucid dreaming work with snakes and desensitization exercises to subdue my fear of snakes. I collected a shed snakeskin in order to remind me. I leave it out where I can see it.

    witchypoos last blog post..Dollhouse

  2. Yikes. I’d say the snakes were your fear of change with all you have going on, and that was even before I saw Witchypoo’s comment. Maybe you are harboring a fear that one of these possible changes is going to bite you in the butt?

  3. It seems the changes/ transitions are quite the headache right now. Witchypoo was right on, the job thing (which we thought was in the bag) is not going as easily as we expected it to. *Sigh* I just want all this to be over already!

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