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You asked for it: The wedding dress

Like I said in a comment yesterday I have been only been perusing dresses online because I don’t want to get my heart set on one particular dress and have it be unavailable. I am not really a “by the book” kind of girl so my dress selections are a bit different, I think different is good!

So here we go! Since I am 1500 miles away from all my girlfriends in Arizona we are going to have a little wedding dress day right here on my blog! It is like you are in the dressing room with me helping me pick a dress huh? Shh, just pretend okay? If you click on the images can see a larger image of the dress.

This first dress caught my eye about 5 years ago when I was working the front desk at The Radisson in Flagstaff. They were holding a bridal convention or something and there were wedding books lying around so my coworker and I started flipping though them. This was the one and only thing it the book that I liked.

I love the way it has that flash of color. I am also questioning the red though, will it look strange with my hair color? Although I have seen it in other colors like white with a peach trim & trail and sage green. I would really love if I could find it in a forest green, that is the color I would like my bridesmaids to wear. Would forest green look funny on the dress?

This next dress is super adorable, it reminds me of my Jazz choir days of singing 1940’s & 50 tunes and dancing around the stage in cute period dresses. (Yeah that is me singing the in the photo on the left.) Isn’t the belt cute? The dress is so pretty, girly and unique. My only concern is that is it short. Is a short wedding dress inappropriate for an outdoor forest wedding?

This last one N really loves. I like it because it is also unique and it reminds me of a ballerina tutu with the tulle fabric. It is actually very pretty and is the dress with lots of shiny accents on the skirt but it is not too over the top either. This is the dress I am most leaning towards. Problem is the dress shops in and around Evansville don’t stock it so I may need to find another option.

I am not really set on having a long flowing train and I really like the tulle layering look for the bottom of the dress. I am kind of uncertain about how long a frail my arms will look in a strapless dress and of course I wont know what I love for sure until I actually try on the dresses I have found. Trying them on changes everything! So there you go, my dress options are now shared!

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  1. Wedding dresses! YAY!

    My opinions are worth exactly what you’re paying for them, so here goes:

    A train is impractical for an outdoor wedding. They are enough of a hassle for an indoor one. They are also gorgeous and hard to resist. To me they are also too formal for an outdoor wedding.

    Forest green as a bridesmaid dress color or accent color on your dress: For an indoor wedding, fine. For an outdoor wedding, the color would be bland in comparison to nature. It would be beautiful for a winter wedding in the forest – imagine the contrast! um… but not practical in another sense ๐Ÿ™‚

    What season will the wedding be?

    I love dress no. 2… It is gorgeous! I think the appropriateness of that dress depends on the time of day you get married. Someone mentioned a morning wedding and it would be perfect for that.

    For an afternoon wedding tea length would be my choice, but street length is not taboo or anything. I don’t see you having an evening wedding outdoors. I’m picturing how lovely that dress would be in tea length.

    Of all the dresses it looks the most comfortable too. If you are planning on dancing at the reception, it’s well-suited for that too.

    No. 3 – I like very much, but tulle and the outdoors don’t go well together at floor length. But if you got this one at tea length, would it look too much like a ballet costume? (which isn’t necessarily bad)

    It’s not gathered full at the bodice which helps defray the total ballerina look.

    (I always thought the costume set we made for the “Snow” scene in Nutcracker would make a beautiful wedding dress.)

    You are so right that trying them on will change everything. My youngest daughter tossed out all her “favorites” when she saw what they looked like on her. Picky, picky girl she was. I ended up making her dress and all the bridesmaid dresses.

    I was going to make her older sister’s dress and we went shopping to see what she liked and what looked good on her. She found the perfect dress at 50% off and we bought it right then. I hope you have that kind of luck!

    Side note on bridesmaids dresses – A floor length bridal gown coupled with tea length bridesmaids dresses is a very appealing look. I think a tea length gown with street length bridesmaid dresses would be equally appealing. However, that only matters in the photographs.

    Above all, I can’t stress comfort and fit enough.

    The most beautiful dress in the world worn standing still on the fitting platform in the store might drive you nuts trying to walk or sit. Get off the platform, walk around, sit down, bend over, hold your arms above your head.

    If it scratches or rubs you anywhere, you’ll be miserable at your reception, no matter how beautiful you look.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to give advice – it’s so much fun to do and almost nobody wants it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh, they are all beautiful – I don’t think the first one would look bad with forest green at all. I think that would be just as if not more pretty than the red. I like the second one’s belt but would be concerned that years from now you might regret not wearing a longer, more bride-y type dress. You can always go short in the future for vow renewals or anniversaries but generally it’s just the first time that you would go all out and bride-y. That may not be your thing and you may not care about it but it is just a thought. The last one is my favorite too. I like the tulle layered look and I think that fits you the best because of your dancing and background, but as you said, it all depends on what you like when you see it actually ON you. Why you hot ticket in that pickture all dolled up like a 40’s star! I had to take a double-take because I thought it was some star that I should have known and then I looked closer and thought, “say, that looks like Talina!” LOL. So there is my unasked for (but free, anyway) opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The last dress but more tea length – just above the ankle. And an underskirt in the forest green that you like…. maybe ballet type slippers with the forest green ribbons. And the same green ribbon woven into your hair.

  4. I’m with maiden53 that an underskirt in forest green would be gorgeous. Consider an overskirt in ivory or soft white (there are different shades of white!)

    However, I still stand by my assertion that you cannot compete with nature’s green with any manmade green. Ivory, or contrasting reds, or pastels; nature’s flowers’ colors, its complements, so to speak.

    Oh, yes, I am very opinionated in thinking that forest green works only indoors and that one must not compete with nature, but complement it.

    Your setting is your palette.

  5. I like the last one best. If my daughter was getting married, that would be the one I would suggest to her. It does look more “bridey” than the other ones to me. But, it is your wedding, and you get to pick, no matter what anyone else thinks.

    Karens last blog post..Gluten Free Donuts

  6. Good luck in search for a wedding dress. My fiancee and I just got engaged and are waiting till 2010 to get married and she is already bombarding me with dresses to look at online to see how I like them.

  7. Oh Baby! they are all Beautiful. I can picture a halter top for you, and I think I truly liked the short one w/ the belt. Its you, its Sassy its unusual,its bouncy I love the belt and its short and for a july wedding outside I think you would be most comfortable and with flats yes I can picture it . OK! Its setteled!. NO NO Iam just kidding I love you and this is a important day and decision, think it out well.You’ll be fine and isent it fun having all these DELIMA”S MOM

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