I am just a tad angry right now!

Lets see, it has been 18 days since we sent off our rent check and our “we are concerned about mold” letter via certified mail to the landlords. As of today the letter STILL has not been claimed and is sitting at the post office.

N called the landlord over the weekend about it and their response was “well, we’ve been busy and we figured it was returned to you already”. She then said once it was returned to us we could “drop it by some store of theirs” or she could come by and pick it up from us.

Yeah, you are going to have to come by and get it from us since your laziness is not our issue. We sent the letter off to you like we are legally required to and you were too lazy to claim the dang thing, not our issue!

So like I said it has been 18 days since we sent our letter and rent off and the landlord doesn’t seem to have any desire to get it. It is still sitting at the post office and a notice was left at the landlords residence to come claim it.

This raised some questions for us so we looked at county records and found that our landlord owns 38 other houses (not including this one) just within this county. Oh and the house we are living in is worth about $80,000, they are charging us $875 a month and are making killing.

Well no wonder they don’t care about cashing our rent check, they have tons of money coming in from us and other sucker renters! Now N thinks they are acting unresponsive and avoiding our communications because they know they are caught and have wronged us.

Like I said in a previous post, I am fairly certain we have a mold issue just based upon the home’s age and the leaky basement issue. Our basement is finished, here have a look:

I think the electric heater/ fireplace thingy gives the decor age away don’t you?

Then there is the wood siding and the indoor/ outdoor carpet that is water stained from our recent floods.

Check out the green cabinets! Those scream 1970 to me.

So I am wondering… If all the decor and “finishing” in the basement is that old and there is such a big leak issue down there. How many years of mold growth do you think there are? It is kind of scary to think about.

We are certain there is mold growing because we have all had some odd respiratory issues since moving here, including the pets. You know allergies, sinus issues and even bloody noses. Generally nasty stuff!

That is why we sent out the certified letter outlining our concerns about their “lack of disclosure” on the flooding issue. We also mentioned the fact that the moisture from the leaks is impossible for us to fully clean up since the basement is finished and that they need to provide us with a means to clean up the soaked carpet each time the basement floods (aka a carpet cleaning machine or dehumidifier).

Seems like we covered all the bases right? Too bad they have not claimed the letter from the post office and they intend on leaving it unclaimed until the letter is returned to us…

I am not sure what to do next. We did just spend $50.00 on 4 do-it-yourself mold test kits so we’ll have proof of the mold soon but we can’t really afford an attorney to sue them. Is that the only way to take action on this?


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  2. In Indiana breathing mold is okay but home birth is not, just an FYI.

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It's begining to look like Christmas! (but where is the snow?)

We are finishing up the holiday shopping this week and are ready for Christmas now! Things are pretty low key for us since it is just the two of us this holiday season. We aren’t visiting the family for the holidays and we are kind of looking forward to having a low key holiday. Since it is our last holiday alone before we are officially parents it is kind of fitting.

N has a scheduled “sick day” tomorrow so we are going to brave some of the stores to finish up some last minute shopping. We also may be going to a show tomorrow night if he can snag some tickets. It is the touring production of Ain’t Misbehavin’.

The basement is flooding again a a result of the pouring rain we have had since last night. Oh and our landlords still haven’t picked up or responded to our certified letter that we sent detailing our concersn with the flooding and possible mold in the basement.

Do you eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts? If so you might want to go snag a dozen doughnuts this week. We went over the weekend and were given 12 free gift tags/ doughnut coupons that were pretty cool. Each gift tag is festive and each one is good for a free doughnut in January. I think this is a great stocking stuffer for kids, they always love doughnuts right?

I have noticed another weird pregnancy symptom these days. I have been “double sneezing” lots lately and it is the strangest thing. I have NEVER double sneezed before in my life so it is either because I am pregnant or it is because of the toxic mold growing in our basement. Odd huh?

I am counting down the days till I am at my 2nd trimester because my hair is looking mighty nasty these days. They silver hairs are really showing and my doctor says I can resume dyeing my hair in the 2nd trimester, by does my hair need it!

Well, I’ll let you know what my weight is like after the prenatal appointment on Thursday that way you can go and submit your entry to my baby weight contest, also if you want to see who has entered you should check out the contest page. Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy! Now I am of to make the blog rounds since I have been slacking big time!

NaBloPoMo ends and I made it!

Today marks the end of NaBloPoMo and I made it. Woot!

We also went out and bought our christmas tree from a local boyscout troop. We didn’t cut our own tree down this year as we usually do since we didn’t have a feel for out new home town yet and we didn’t have time to file for a permit. Next year we will try to follow tradition again.

Anyway we are drinking eggnog and decorating the tree up tonight and we didn’t get any snow. And the basement is full of water again since it rained last night… We expect more water down there tomorrow morning.

Good thing we have a letter out to the landlord about the flooding that will start the resolution process. The thing is the basement looks like it was finished back in the 70’s or 80’s so if it has been flooding and soaking all the wood paneling and carpeting since then we are bound to be growing som mold back there right?

Know where we can get our hands on a mold test kit? We do want to make sure we aren’t breathing in mold that has grown as a result of past years flooding. If we are watch out, I am going to raise holy hell!

Digging out the holiday decor and waiting for snow!

We are not venturing from the house this weekend (except to possibly get a x-mas tree). Weekends are crazy traffic wise here and well, we don’t want to deal with crazy consumers and retailers. Instead we are taking care of some errands around the house and are phasing in our boxes of holiday decor as we move the fall decor out.

I am back in bed right now. I got as far as putting some laundry away and straightening a pile of crap in the bedroom then my heart started racing and I felt dizzy so I had to scale it back and rest for a bit…

I still have loads of laundry to do, I need to iron N’s work shirts and vacuum the house but I just feel like I can’t stay productive for as along as I need to. It especially sucks when I get bursts of energy and want to get stuff done but my body isn’t on the same page as my brain.

I really hope I am not having blood sugar issues or blood pressure issues because that will blow my shot at having a low risk birth and I’ll be forced to deliver in a hospital. Something is definitely going on though with my heart racing all the time though. We’ll talk to the doc about in in two weeks at my next prenatal appointment.

Oh and we actually have a shot at some minimal snow accumulation today as a cold front passes through. How exciting for us, we love to be home enjoying the falling snow. Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll actually get some snow here already.

Hopefully the snow doesn’t result in our basement flooding again but if it does we have a certified letter out to the landlord about it and we are ordering a mold analysis for our own information.

So what is on the schedule for your weekend? Hopefully you stay warm and don’t have to deal with crazy shoppers.

Good morning all, got a flood? We do!

Look what we had the pleasure of waking up to in the basement of our rental… It rained most of the night and thank goodness our neighbors warned us about the leaky basement as we were moving it. Apparently our basement has some major leaking issues and today we get to witness them first hand.

Here is a video I tried to make of the madness. You can hear the water squishing in the carpet when someone walks over 9 or 10 foot wide drenched area. The cats and dog are quite concerned about the wetness as are we.

The water is coming from under the storage rack we have in the corner, it is flowing across the floor and right under the wooden bar/ wall and is under the tile behind the bar. No water is going down the drain yet…

The landlords never mentioned it to us but thankfully the next door neighbor did so we have nothing that can really be damaged down there. All the stuff in the flood path is in plastic bins so I am thankful about that but I just can’t believe this is an on-going issue with the house that is yet to be fixed.

Will there be standing water in the basement by tomorrow morning? Should we turn fans on down there to dry it all up or what?

We are just glad none of our stuff is destroyed. We are worried about toxic mold growing in the walls as a result of this insane flooding issue.

So how is the weather in your neck of the woods? Got rain or floods?

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