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The ducks are living their BEST LIFE these days.

This crazy wet weather we have been having here in Southern Illinois isn’t making our high tunnel construction go very quickly- Yep you read that right we are building a high tunnel right now! Woho!

However, the weather is making our free ranging duck flock very, very happy. They are just running from puddle to puddle splashing and eating grass and bugs.

Their joy and health means I am absolutely overloaded with duck eggs right now. All the baking must commence. It’s time for my Valentine baking explosion!

Right now on my recipes to consider list are:

Baked goods are amazing with duck eggs! It is true, ask any serious baker. Here is why:

“The higher fat content in duck eggs make cakes rise higher, give meringues more volume and stability. You substitute one duck egg for every chicken egg (no more and no less) – and yet- the baked good WILL be more fluffy. You’ll also have richer sweets because of the larger yolk.”

Gluten free baking is better with duck eggs!

I initially wanted to add ducks to the farm for their eggs because of all the gluten free baking we do in our household. In duck eggs, the added protein in the albumin (whites) binds the gluten free ingredients better and improves the texture of baked goods considerably.

Of course you can also just eat duck eggs like you would a chicken egg. You don’t have to bake things just to enjoy a duck eggs, though that is what I prefer to do.

I’ve even heard from folks who who aren’t able to eat chicken eggs (due to food intolerances) but they can stomach a duck egg. I thought that was interesting.

How is a duck egg different?

Duck egg comparison image.

Duck eggs have a thicker off-white or grayish shell and are generally larger than a chicken egg. Also, duck eggs generally are more nutritious than a chicken egg and are richer tasting. Duck eggs have more than twice the nutritional value of chicken eggs and are much higher in Omega 3 fatty acids- which is great for the brain (and sought after by those eating a Paleo diet)!

Year after year people ask us if we have duck eggs for them to try. Often we do but when market season gets underway our farm’s eggs sell out fast. If you have a hankering for The Ryder Family Farm’s duck eggs you can reach out to us here to secure some. Remember the early bird catches the worm 😉

Are you Eggventurous?

Have you ever consumed a duck egg? What did you think? Tell us in the comments below or on social media.

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