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Baby Confirmed!

N is blogging this morning because T is recouperating after her visit to the OB/GYN.  We woke up early this morning to get ready for our first appointment.  We normally start every morning off with a cup of coffee together but early ones require even more coffee to get the morning started.  Don’t worry, we’ve converted T over to decaf in the mornings.  If I brew regular, she gets one cup and then she’s cut off.  Sad!  This morning I got up first to pour the first cup of coffee only to be greeted by our programmable coffee maker not working.  Can you imagine waking up to an empty coffee pot?!  I couldn’t and fiddled around for the better part of 15 minutes, anxiously awaiting the first drops so I could awake T.  Nothing!  I prompty went to plan B and started heating the tea kettle to make a batch of half-caff coffee in the french press.  Two swigs from both of us was enough to put the plan of the morning in motion: Starbucks.

After enjoying the first few drinks of T’s decaf caramel machiatto and my caffeinated gingersnap latte, we headed to the doctor’s office.  They made her pee in a cup, asked us a million questions to do a genetic screening and then gave us brochures on just about every test known to man to see what could possibly be wrong with your baby, if anything.  Then you get a handful of cards for free samples of formulas (none of which we will be using) and supplements.  Then it was across the hall for the blood draw which is the part T hates the most.  Needles are bad news for her and she immediately began to worry that she might pass out.  They offered her to draw lying down but based on the fact that she hadn’t passed out in a long time, she would be okay in the blood draw chair.  Well, around the 4th vial she started getting the pass-out feelings.  The nurse practitioner, the nurse drawing blood and myself tried to keep her talking until all of a sudden her eyes rolled back in her head, she bit her lip and T started going down!  I immediately grabbed her head to prevent her from doing a faceplant while the nurse grabbed her legs and we started sliding her down to the floor.

Two capsules of smelling salts later, T came back to life on the floor of the lab with the entire office staff standing over the top of her.  How weird and embarrassing she quipped!  They let her regain her senses before putting her in a wheelchair and carting her to a table to lay down.  The got her a Hi-C juice box and let her recover a few minutes before taking her blood pressure where she checked out A-OK.  Under her own power, we walked across the office again for an ultrasound.  After the usual lets map your ovaries rigmarole, they showed us the tiny baby growing inside.  If that’s not cool enough, then we got to hear the little heartbeat just whooshing away.  How cool!  I got T back home and helped her slide into her jammies and back into bed to regain some heat.  I’m sure T will be back on typing away later when she gets bored.  In the meantime, here’s the pic from the ultrasound.