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Income inequality and how it impacts life in the USA.

I have got to admit, I envy those of you living outside the US sometimes. Today I am just not loving our consumer driven corporate America. There are just too many greedy people out there looking to use one another to get ahead in life, this leaves the rest of us going without and struggling.

Do any of you ever stop to think of the massive divide between incomes these days? Many are making millions annually and I even read that “the United States has one of the highest levels of income inequality. I don’t doubt it for one second! (want to see it on a graph?)

I was just wondering how many Americans earn at least a 6 figure income and how that would compare to the rest of the population. I couldn’t find any statistics but I am sure it is just sickening, it reminds me of a blog post I just read about life and working.

Do you work to make a living or do you work to build a life for yourself? Think about the question for a moment and try to see the various meanings behind it. Sorry, I don’t mean to give you a brain overload this early in the morning, I am just on a roll.

Those working to make a living are often only working to get by, most of their waking hours are spent on the job and sadly there isn’t much time for enjoying life. N and I have been in this category for a long time now. It is an exhausting state to be in and knowing that you spend all your time at a job that only just covers the bills is demoralizing for anyone.

Working to build a life for yourself is the opposite of working to make a living. When you are making a life for yourself you get to enjoy the little moments and focus on the day to day joys. Your time is spent focusing on the important things in life, family, home etc. Many stay at home moms find themselves in this category while their men are in the other category.

Maybe I am just dreaming here but shouldn’t it be easier to provide for your family and also enjoy the moments in life? Why aren’t more people concerned about this? Working 50-60 hour work weeks for measly pay is not that fair, especially when so many other people are making so much more money for less work.

I guess I am just rambling on here but the income inequality in the US just strikes a nerve for me. Maybe it is because of our financial dealings right now. Oh, I guess I should update you…

The mechanic confirmed that our engine was shot, a new one would cost 5-6 thousand and a used engine would cost 3-4 thousand. We havn’t made a decision about what we want to do yet.

Also, Evansville offered N the job and sent over a potential contract for us to look over. It it is for oh, about half of what the job opening salary was posted as, which means they offered him about $2000 more than what he is already making here. This is disappointing news for us. They will only cover $1500 in moving expenses (which will come out to about $3000) and we don’t really know if a $2000 raise and a lower cost of living are incentive enough to pick up and move 1500 miles away.

In general we are just tired of the contract negotiations, they limit and impact other decisions we make about our life. Plus every time we enter negotiations we find we are just being low balled and taken advantage of, you know so the company can save money or whatever… Too bad the companies never kick back any of their fortune to the little guys, it would sure help us live better.