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18 week milestone for baby Tater Tot and parents

Many of you already know that this is a big week for us and little Tater Tot. On Thursday we will be at 19 weeks, will learn the sex of our baby and attend another prenatal exam with the OBGYN. I am sure seeing her will just be a delight as usual. Plus we are asking her for copies of all our prenatal records.

We’ve already witnessed much baby movement that began last week and I’ve also accepted and embraced the fact that NONE of my pants fit anymore. I had my “oh-my-gawd-I-can’t-do-this-we-aren’t-ready” anxiety that transitioned in to some “nothing-is-how-I-imagined-it-would-be” nesting anxiety that kept me up at night and unpleasant to be around.

Over the weekend we went to baby depot to search for some maternity pants and possibly a pregnancy pillow. I’ve been rubber banding and pinning pants and even have a few pairs of regular pants I bought that are a size bigger to accommodate the growing belly. All the above methods have resulted in me looking like I am wearing a circus tent, which just makes me feel like crap some more.

As for the pregnancy pillow, we were looking for something that provides full body support and does not take up 75% of our queen size bed. Poor N has no room to sleep anymore with all my body pillow action and we are not okay with separate sleeping arrangements so we went on a pregnancy pillow hunt.

I saw the Boppy Total Body Pillow way back in the day at target when we went in to start our baby registry right after we learned we were indeed pregnant. I wasn’t showing and didn’t need it at the time so we didn’t buy it, we just registered for it.

Since then the boppy pillow has been impossible to find in this town and we did not want to order it online since I need it now. I was hoping to get it for Christmas and turns out N was trying to get it for me from babys r-us as a Christmas gift but they were always out of stock…

Anyway we were looking for the boppy pregnancy pillow but found the snoogle at baby depot instead and bought it, it is a good thing too. Babys r-us still does not have the boppy in stock!

Anyway the Snoogle Total Body Pillow is amazing and I am so loving it! Oh and I did find me a pair of maternity jeans and a few shirts at baby depot too, yay for clothes that fit! Baby depot rocks, we should have registered there instead of target… Oh well.

Now we are starting to get excited about picking out clothing and a fun theme for our nursery/ office. We fell in love with a convertible crib at baby depot that was really cool but expensive.

It’ll be something we have to save up for after the birth, we are hoping to get a small bassinet like this one for our bedroom until Tater is older. This gives us time to save and shop around for the convertable crib but we think the concept is a good investment.

Convertible cribs go from crib to toddler bed to full size bed. How cool is that? You can see one here, we are also thinking of getting the matching dresser and stuff to outfit the room if we have the money. Ah the posibilities and expenses…

So we’ll have belly pics and Tater’s sex to share following the appointment on thursday. Exciting stuff!