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Need some pregnancy advice guys… TMI alert.

Okay, I am dying to relieve the pregnancy bloating and gas and am having no luck. I know many over the counter medications are not safe during pregnancy so I am looking for some tried and true remedies if you have any to share. Common mommy bloggers I am depending on your expert knowledge…

Before becoming pregnant I was digestive tract issue free, these days I am feeling like someone inflated me with air and it is not moving.

Here is what I am experiencing. I am having major heartburn that can be temporarily alleviated by drinking a glass of milk. It seems everything I eat causes it and laying doesn’t make it any better. This is the least of my concerns though.

More importantly I am feeling really, really bloated and like I need to burp but am unable to. The pressure in my stomach presses on my ribs and makes laying uncomfortable. Sometimes drinking a sprite helps but these days it is just making me bloat more. This has decreased my appetite lots and even makes want to vomit.

Also there is the intestinal gas that just doesn’t move either and causes major abdominal pain. Like debilitating cramping. I am “one who can’t pass gas” right now and I don’t think that is good. I don’t know if my intestines are being crammed around already or what. Do I need more fiber or water or is it just gas? I haven’t got a clue but the pain and bloating is making me insanely uncomfortable.

Do you know of anything that could help that is safe for me and little Tater Tot? Yeah we nicknamed the unborn baby Tater Tot because that is what I am craving these days. Is Metamucil safe for pregnant women, what about simethicone (the active ingredient in gas pills)? The internet says they are but isn’t there a more natural way to relieve these symptoms?

Any ideas, thoughts, recommendations, remedies or advice would be great. All this pregnancy stuff is new to me and I would love to manage the symptoms and be more comfortable. Looking forward to your suggestions and ideas!