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Counting calories to GAIN weight… A rant.

After laying on the couch for most of today in my PJ’s with the covers over my head I am beginning to move beyond my pity party and am trying to take a proactive approach to getting this all figured out. Something else they suggested today was to count calories to attain my weight gain goal of 1-2 pounds per week.
That means I need to eat 2480 calories per day consistently… I have managed to put away 1374 already today and honestly I am feeling a bit sick now. I have to get 1106 calories from my dinner tonight, that is not fesable huh?

Dealing with a weight issue is so humiliating, for everyone!! Overweight/ underweight- it is all touchy and humiliating. All my friend are all “i can send some of mine to you” and it just makes it seem like the issue is being downplayed.

Loosing or gaining weight is hard. It is more than a self control issue, things like metabolism, exercise and a number of other things play into it. My target weight is 125, I have never weighed 125 in my life. The most I have ever weighed is around 112- 115, I burn stuff off fast being a dance teacher and my stomach is small. So just eating more doesn’t do it. I have even tried drinking ensure after eating regular meals and have still never weighed 125.

I guess I am just pissed off that our society makes weight issues less of a health problem and more of a self control issue. I am not skinny because of an eating disorder or an personal choice, I have always been this way- my body works different than yours. People aren’t overweight because they don’t care about themselves, they also have bodies that react and work differently.

It is bad enough that we are all our own worst enemy, we hate having our weight issues so don’t make it worse by judging or downplaying it, alright? (don’t worry this is not directed at any of you reading this, just a vent session)