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2016 Goat Kids – A Bucky Year

It’s relaxation be sick time here on the homestead now. Over the weekend we did a private test run for our Farm to Fork Dinners via our partnership farm, Tanglefoot Ranch. The test run dinner was a success. The day after the dinner our last goat kids of the year were born, two twin bucklings. With all the big stuff out of the way I’ve come down with a cold, of course. We just had a surprise snow storm that got the kids a snow day today and while we were out playing in the snow we got a few more pictures of the baby goats to share.

We have three bucklings frolicking in our doe pen, much cuteness for sure! I’ll start by showing you the two bucklings we will be selling:

This is “Sal”, named for his white saddle across his shoulders. He is a registerable Alpine from good milk lines. His mother is ANGEL-PRAIRIE MLRR POP TART and his father is GOATS OF BASHAN ISP CLAY, here is a link to their ADGA planned pedigree info. He was the first born on Sunday morning. He is polled like his mother. 


Next is Sebastian, the second born twin buckling from ANGEL-PRAIRIE MLRR POP TART and GOATS OF BASHAN ISP CLAY, here is a link to their ADGA planned pedigree info. He has been disbudded and is not polled/

For those of you looking for bucklings with good milking traits, here is a picture of Pop Tart’s teats last summer:



If you are interested in reserving a buck for purchase don’t hesitate to contact me. They will be available soon.

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