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Wild Salmon Fillets from Walmart are nasty! (are they even salmon?)

The nasty salmon has struck again! Last month I shared my theroy about how a piece of fish I ate that was supposed to be salmon was clearly not salmon. Well the fillets were the last ones in the freezer and we had already thrown the packaging away so we just moved on with life and got over it.

Well this week for dinner I discovered another never opened bag of frozen salmon fillets in the freezer so I made some for dinner. I remembered the previous nasty “salmon” experience but didn’t want to make a big deal about it, I was hoping it was just a fluke… I still had a bad taste in my mouth (more cheeky N humor comes out) as a result of the salmon experience though so while cooking the salmon I snapped this photo because it still appeared to be unusually white unlike the salmon we were used to in Arizona.

I made the salmon with wine and lemon pepper seasoning on the stove top since I remembered our previous nasty salmon was microwave cooked and I wanted to see if cooking meathod played a role it how it turned out.  I also made up yummy rice and asparagus to complete the meal.

When N sank his teeth in to the first bite of salmon he yelled “Eww! This is not salmon” before I even brought up or previous bad salmon experience. I laughed of course because the last time we had salmon I was the one thinking it tasted strange and he didn’t believe me and preceded to eat his whole fillet and also mine that I rejected. Now he is a believer in the nasty crossbreed salmon !

We each only ate one bite of salmon before deciding it was really bad news. We at our rice and asparagus and N had some leftovers in place of the salmon. N also took a photo of the nasty salmon and agreed with me that it tasted to rubbery in consistency like cod or scallops (no the texture is not a result of my cooking either!).

After taking photos we pulled the packaging because we are quite particular about the types of foods we buy. We always look to see if it is natural and free of injections and what not. We got this salmon at the local super walmart and choose it because it said the salmon was wild and also all natural. Normally we don’t buy meats from walmart since they can be questionable but this tuff looked promising, it was cheaper and we are really trying to save on groceries right now since we have to save so much to pay for Tater’s birth out of pocket.

Anyway, we are regretting buying the walmart salmon now! Here is a scan of the packaging it came in, click the image to see a larger version that you can zoom in on.

Shoot, the packaging even says the Marine Stewardship Council certified the fishery so it should be good right? The we saw upon further inspection that the fish actually came from China, N remarks about the ocean pollution there and says it is no wonder this fish tastes so odd.

Other than the Marine Stewardship Council the packaging also references The Fishin’ Company and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. We’ll be writing all 3 companies with our complaints about this product. If you come across it in the store stay away! If you’ve got a similar complaint or comment about the product feel free to share it in the comments!

I hope this review and the comments help steer other people from the strange fillets. I am not kidding they are really bad and simply cannot be real salmon! Man, we are not happy about the lack of natural food stores here in Evansville.

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

79 thoughts on “Wild Salmon Fillets from Walmart are nasty! (are they even salmon?)

    1. You all are nutz… and you’re just looking for something to complain about. I’ve been buying that fish since they introduced it to the frozen fish section and haven’t had an issue yet. so you don’t go throwing out, “oh well you don’t know fish…” I’ve been an avid ifsher since i was able to cast a line. I’ve fished from Wyoming trout to New Zealand trout, from Coho to Sockeye to Steelhead Salmon and yes I’ve caught the chum salmon as well… So is that Chum salmon? Maybe, but it’s ok to eat. There’s also a different flavor in the fish depending on region, age, and if it is spawning. So, here’s the best advice i can give you. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple.. go catch your own… cry babies…

  1. That really doesnt look like salmon! We always buy our salmon from Costco. The come single wrapped in a bag of 12. And they are nice and pink! So good too! They dont taste or smell fishy. If we dont buy it from there, we go to the meat counter at Albertsons. But Im pretty picky about sea food.

    Krystal McCarthys last blog post..You don’t even deserve hell

  2. Michael: It’s a little blurry in the scan but underneath the Nutritional Facts and at the bottom of that column it says “PRODUCT OF CHINA”. I think if it really is salmon, it’s filled with all the Chinese air pollution, lead and tainted milk one needs to consume in a lifetime which is why I won’t be eating it. I like North American Pacific salmon better. Sorry China!

    Ns last blog post..Green energy tax breaks

  3. You get what you pay for. If you prefer to buy cheap frozen salmon from WalMart then you cannot expect to get gourmet fillets. If the fish were sold as salmon then the fish were undoubtedly salmon. However not all salmon are the same. There are five Pacific salmon species all of which are very different including the flesh quality and the taste. King salmon are the highest regarded, whilst Chum salmon are at the other end of the spectrum. Chum salmon are those most often used in freezer packs because they are widely available but not the most desirable.

    The fish are not caught in China but are from Alaska. These are the only salmon that can carry the MSC certification (which is not a guarantee of taste). The fish are shipped to China for processing and packing to help keep costs down so that WalMart can sell them to you cheaply, which is what probably attracted you to buy them.

    Finally, it is worth noting that farmed salmon is mainly Atlantic salmon which is yet another species and one with yet a different texture and taste to Pacifics. A lot of people, who are used to eating Pacific salmon, don’t like this difference. This has often led to much of the negative publicity about farmed raised fish. The reality is that Atlantic salmon is a different fish with different eating characteristics. It is often found to be superior to Pacific fish however you’ll have to pay more than what you paid for your cheap wild salmon to buy it.

  4. We have noticed HUGE differences between farm raised salmon and wild caught salmon. I bet Martin is right. It’s in the bag because nobody would buy it if it were in clear packaging.

    We only buy our salmon at the Non-walmart grocery stores now. And ONLY a specific type… because we’ve had that happen.

  5. My husband doesn’t really like fish. S, I cook fish rarely. Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience. I think we need to be careful when buying food. People are getting smarter to make fake stuff just to get more money.

  6. Hi! I came across this post because I had the exact same experience after trying this fish from Walmart and wanted to see if anyone else did. Obviously I’m not the only one! As soon as I opened the package, I thought something was wrong. About half of the fillets were white, which I thought was odd because I’ve only had pink salmon. I googled it and read that some salmon were white, so I assumed it was fine–until I tried to cook it. I thought at first I didn’t cook it long enough because the meat was mushy, almost spongey. But the texture didn’t change no matter how long I left it on the stove, and even after putting it in the microwave. My first thought after taking a bite was that this wasn’t salmon. I understand there are different types of salmon, but would they taste that different? I mean, it really doesn’t taste or feel right at all. Thank you so much for posting this! Have you heard from Walmart?

  7. OMG. NO! There is no way. I think it’s catfish infused with waste salmon fat. I just threw away the remainder of my package this morning.

    That’ll teach me for shopping at WalMart, which should be considered an act of treason, frankly. I hadn’t been in one in years, but I need to buy some kid’s swimming goggles and I thought I’d give the grocery section a try. Never again!

  8. I fully agree wth you. I ate my first package of salmon from walmart, and thought I had not cooked it right when it had tasted funny. The second time I cooked it, it had the same texture, and funny taste. It almost reminded of minced fish, in those nasty little fish sticks. I had to throw mine in the trash, I couldn’t even finish eating it, just at the thought of it not being real. I, too, will not buy my fish at walmart anymore.

    1. The thing I don’t get is Walmart sells the crappy salmon but at Sam’s Club (which is also a Walmart company) I can get a package of about 8 frozen fillets that are actually good, skinless salmon for about $16.00 a package. What gives?

  9. i thought it was just me i am 13 but i can cook this was some really bad crap tasted like feet i was really looking for ways to cook it better but then i read this thank god im not the only one so what kind of packaged salmon do u buy???

  10. I live in OKC and have had the same experience you had with the same product and so did my mom who lived in Tulsa.Since then, I’ve only bought fresh salmon, not frozen.

  11. We had the exact same experience with the same product from Walmart. I couldn’t even eat the stuff. The first time I thought it was just a bad batch, but the second time in a row was too much. YUCK!

  12. I thought I was the only one. I used to buy the salmon all the time. Then I noticed a change and I thought it was a bad batch, so I bought another, the same thing. I looked at this “salmon” and realized this is not salmon. I don’t know what it is. It is nasty.

  13. We just picked up this exact bag with the same information (the council, China, etc.)

    We both tried cooking it frozen, despite it saying to thaw it (I thought it was a convenience thing!) and that was a bad idea. I figured out a good way to cook it from a frozen state, so it hardly went to waste…

    There are some search results on Google saying Wal-Mart tried getting away with selling farmed stuff as wild, despite it saying wild, and I’ve heard that they have to color in those fish.

    My fish, again in the exact same bag, were already pink, and cooked pink throughout, and tasted just fine. Certainly tasted better than 3.50 for a pound of it. It even cooked nicer, improperly cooked, than the Sam’s Club boxed fillets where you get 6 oz less for twice the price.

    They might’ve gotten heat and fixed things. Or maybe the problem’s isolated to a few regions.

  14. It’s “sammin(tm)”. Warning, not to be confused with real fish that tastes good. Ah yes, Sammin(tm), now made with real Salmon*.

    *real Salmon means fins, tail, eyes, innards, and other delicious parts.

  15. I have bought this product from Walmart with no complaints. If you are not used to eating wild salmon then that maybe the problem. Wild salmon is often stronger in flavor due to high amounts of omega oils. Most people are used to eating farm raised salmon which is much mlder in taste and texture. I always steam or bake my salmon.

  16. I live in Seattle and have bought Salmon right off the boats before. If I bought a wild Chum salmon and cooked it for you, you would say it was mushy as well and swear it is not salmon. It is cheaper then sockeye or other speecies, and is best for smoking but it is salmon.

    That being said I eat the walmart salmon often and, while it is not as good as a king salmon, it IS salmon and I enjoy the taste considering I eat it as a way to get an easy supply of fish to my diet.

    Just remember it doesnt need to be pink (or orange like costco’s farmed stuff) in order to be real salmon.

  17. I had been buying this salmon for the past few weeks and it was really tasty the first few times I purchased it. The filets had the characteristic pink flesh that is indicative of Salmon. However, the last bag I bought was disgusting. It tasted like a fish stick in a salmon disguise. GROSS!!!

  18. WALMART SALMON Rangoons – My favorite

    Agave Necter, soy sauce, Lemon juice, Chopped Cilantro = Really good Sauce

    After cooking whether it be saute, bake, broil,etc (season with salt and pepper). Chop up salmon (not to much) NOW NO BODY CAN COMPLAIN BOUT IT BEING PINK. mix sauce with salmon and add room temp. cream cheese. Spoon mixture into wonton wrapper and fold over into shape of rangoon. FRY AND ENJOY.

    Its cheap, Taste good, and is real fish. I’ve never heard of any one complaining about “crab” meat rangoons and your local dim sum, but thats imitation and we should all demand to our have real crabmeat rangoons. Thats it, going to start a petition!

    chicken to chinese to chinese to chicken get a drumstick and my brian starts ticking!

  19. Well if this will ever help a person out. Walmart had come up with this positive reinforcement on their sea food by putting on the MSC (Marine, Stewardship, Council) label on our sea food packages. The MSC encourages good fishing practices and I guess it’s a an honor to have the label stamped . The wild alaskan salmon was not reconsidered for the MSC stamp but was still considered a safe and healthy fish to comsume weekly. I like fish. i want to eat more now that i am pregnant for a clever baby. I think the health benefits out way the risks. I thank you for this infomative page because i bought the same bag for the same reasons everyone else did. The bag looked healthy so i bought it. So my advise is to look into the MSC organizations and see if that makes a person feel better about eating their yummy seafood. Closing off finally I did enjoy the salmon in the pink 4 dollar bag, but i will go along with everyone else and say if it’s from China it’s bad.

  20. wait it was not walmarts program but walmart invited the msc organization in 2006 to check out their sea food to save their a$$. Walmart wants us to live better so be greatful for that even though Walmart is filthy of the filthiest rich. Their intentions are to make money and thats it but i find their produce to be of better quality then most places.

  21. Thank you, Talina! I’ve sent Wal-Mart letters and emails with no response. They obviously don’t care about public opinion. According to USDA, nutrition facts for the different types of salmon vary alot, and obviously I don’t trust the nutrition facts listed on the package. I like salmon and enjoy the health benefits. Just wanna know what I’m eating. Is that too much to ask? Thanks for nothing, Wal-Mart.

  22. Only bought this when WalMart was out of the clear packaged, fresh looking pinky-orange salmon. It was horrible both times I cooked it using different methods. Sorry but I don’t believe the other salmon is only packed in China. WalMart will squeeze every nickel they can to make more profits.

    If the toys from China contain lead, who knows what their food products and packaging contain?


  24. Wild caught Salmon fillets are nasty; I found a long thick black hair in the sealed package. Don’t buy food from China or you will get sick. Wal-Mart should thoroughly inspect food from china.

  25. It does say it comes from China but is on side of package in small print. That is why I didn’t buy it. I had to read package a few times before I found the source.

  26. I fell for this as well. Thinking I was trying to eat all healthy and such (and at a cheaper price, I might add), I purchased several packages of the The Wlid Salmon Fillets over time (2-3 months) from Wal-Mart. The quality varied from package to package. Some fillets were spongy and rubbery when cooked (I had to use a knife to cut them) while others nicely flaked away with a fork and tasted yummy. Some were cream colored, and some were pink. Several fillets had a shredded texture to them (it’s the only way I can describe it!). Overall, I’m really not sure what type of fish they’re trying to sell. Buyer Beware! You get what you pay for, espically from Wal-Mart!

  27. I purchased these, and they looked nothing like what you’ve got there. Mine were/are dark pink, the consistency and texture of salmon. Not only that, it was the absolute best baked salmon I’d had in a long, long time. I baked it with some lime juice, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and then dressed it afterwards with a boiled egg, paprika and parsley. It was DELICIOUS, and this is coming from someone who eats a wide variety of salmon. Maybe yours was expired?

  28. OMG!!! I am so glad I found this post!!!! Like everyone else, I was suckered in by the price so I bought the same bag shown above. I thawed one piece following the instructions and when I opened the ziploc bag, it smelled horribly fishy and it was mushy. I had thought about broiling or grilling it but with it falling into pieces before cooking, I decided to throw it out and try thawing it differently next time. I still haven’t tried it but now that I’ve read everyone else’s comments, I’ll just throw them out. I will certainly send an email to WalMart about this product. In these times, throwing out food doesn’t sit well with me but neither does eating something toxic!

  29. Yep, Wallie World fooled me, as well.

    As I was eating it I noticed it barely had any flavor, and was extremely thick and lean like chicken. I check the package, and sure enough only 2g of fat. Huh? Salmon isn’t lean. Not sure what they do to these “wild” salmon. I’m guessing they aren’t so much as “wild”, as they are pumped up with hormones, steroids, and who knows what else to ensure they are thick and lean when its time to package the poor sucker.

  30. I’m glad I found these posts. I just had exactly the same experience with “Fishin” Brand Salmon Filets from Aldi. We’ve been buying salmon there for a long time with no problems until they changed to this brand. (Unfortunately, we bought several packs.)

    This bizarre product whatever it may be, cannot be 100% fish. In fact, when it’s cooked (good luck with that) it doesn’t even remotely look like fish. The center, which never would cook was slimy and watery, while the edges were sheer rubber. It didn’t look, smell, or taste like fish. Yes, it too was from China; I found the small print after reading this page. BTW, it wasn’t an isolated filet. I took several filets from a couple of the bags and they are all the same.

  31. So I had purchased the whole fillet from walmart before and I swear it didn’t say that it was from china. I have had very good experience with these in the past. However,my walmart here in central texas changed to the “fishin” brand of fillets and it says clearly on the back its a product of china. As well as wild and all natural. It did have some sustainable harvesting council logo but it was not MSC. These “councils” are merely lobbyist groups created by the companies that sell this crap to make you feel good about buying it. The FDA does not have ANY regulations on packaging or content for stuff like this so the marketing people for the brands can put what ever they want on the package. Also the term “wild caught” is not regulated either. It most certainly not mean that this fish was swimming around a nice clean ocean when some guy that looks like the gortons fisherman snatched it up with a net and sold it to walmart. It may mean that these fish grew up in a pen in some nasty asian harbor with 500,000 other miserable fish and were fed some unknown feed made by some chinese chemist/car repairman. But because the fish were in actuall ocean water and not a tank, technically they can be called “wild caught”. Same goes for “free range”chicken.these terms are not regulated so their definition is foggy at best. Walmarts sale of tilapia,shrimp,crawfish and some other fish call “swai”all have a country of origin of china. The condition of the farms and other habitat that these and other products are raised in are completly UNREGULATED. No amount of omega 3’s is worth the risk you take when eating this trash.

  32. I have purchased the exact brand item many times over the last 12 months. This recent purchase of the 1/2 fish ( same brand) that needs to be scaled , was splotchy colored and had no scales. The skin was thick and oily. I started looking online for an article on mutations and GM fish but arrived here and I will say that both individual wrapped Wild Salmon Fillets and the 1.75 lb (1/2 fish) are both awful. Just to make sure that my senses were not warped, I rounded up some wild animals that will not eat farm raised fish at all and they all nibbled at this fare.Red Flag ! This is conclusive proof that WalMart Brand Salmon has become most compromised and they may even be liable for false advertising IMO. I have eaten this product before but only recently something is quite different with the fish now. Barf

  33. Wow, I just finished eating a piece of this fish and UGH! I only ate it because my son was sweet enough to fix lunch for us and he kept thinking he fixed it wrong. And me, not being a salmon eater just thought it is the way salmon taste. I will never buy this again. I want to begin eating wild salmon for the vitamin D. Where can I get the good tasting wild salmon? I don’t care how much it costs!!!

  34. Just fell for the same low price crap that is not even close to salmon at all. If anybody has this junk in their freezer do your self a favor and use it in your garden. Don’t eat it. Not even close to salmon

  35. The last time I bought “salmon” at Sam’s Club, it was unidentifiable fish. It was the whole filet for $20.00 and was labeled “steelhead salmon trout”. Never heard of it but bought it anyway. When I put in the pan to grill, it was not the same salmon I had bought many times before at Sam’s Club. It was nasty just you all described here. I too want to know where to get good salmon. The main reason I signed up for a membership is to be able to buy this very delicious salmon. I want to know where did it go!

  36. Sorry to hear your experiences with the brand have been so terrible. I usually buy this brand and have generally liked it pretty well. My only complaint is that I prefer to cook salmon with the skin on it and this brand doesn’t have the skin.

  37. Stop shopping at WalMart altogether! I have NEVER gotten a piece of meat or fish there that was anything close in taste or texture to what it should be. I don’t know what kind of crazy lab they modify their food in, but it’s all in the name of profit. The WalMart corporation has been fleecing the American public for along time, and this is just one more example of their deceptive business practices. My family has learned to eat smaller portions of meats and fish, but we buy the real thing from a reliable source. It’s worth it to me to know that I am feeding my family quality, sustainably produced food.

  38. The wild caught salmon is from Alaska. then quick frozen and sent to China for processing.  The salmon is thawed, cut, packaged, refrozen, and sent back to the US.  The nasty taste of the fish is because it was refrozen.  All the flavor from the fish is gone when it was thawed for processing.  The second thawing before cooking turned it into what it is:  no calor and no flavor.

  39. I have bought this same salmon from other grocery stores and all of it tastes bad—even the frozen flounder.
    I have bought frozen founder for years and loved it and all of a sudden–about a year ago it was terrible–we threw it out. We tried again but it is just terrible.  All of the frozen fish comes from China, Vietnam, and thailand. I had never checked the package to see where it came from until it became so nasty tasting.

  40. Today is 3-7-2013. I have eaten this salmon twice in the past two weeks and both times it was very good. Simpy baked about 20 minutes with a bit of seasoning. I hope I can get more.

  41. I bought this because it was affordable and I’m not really a fish person. I wasn’t a big fan of salmon (my aunt used to make me eat it three times a day as a child) so a bit hesitant to even try it. Last night I baked a piece and it was really delicious. So, I guess maybe this isn’t the place to post my experience but it’s true. I really don’t know what everyone is freaking out about. It is wild caught from Alaska. It’s amazing to me how many people seem to hate this without even knowing anything about it. Sorry, I can’t jump on that bandwagon.

    1. Also, mine was really pink out of the package and after I baked it it was still pink except for right around the edges. It looked nothing like the fish in the photograph above. It could be pan frying it makes it look that way. I don’t know. It doesn’t suggest pan frying it on the package. Grill, Bake or Broil. I don’t know if pan frying would make it horrible tasting but I baked mine, sprinkled it with salt, pepper and rubbed a little bit of sage into it. It really surprised me because it tasted so good. I really like it.

  42. How funny that I found this, I knew there was something wrong with it. This isn’t salmon, I couldn’t eat it and it’s all going in the garbage. Only $5 not much of a waste.

  43. I am a fish monger and am very familiar with this practice which has become commonplace for the large producers and big box stores that carry their products. Cleaning costs processors almost twice as much as they paid the fisherman for his salmon which is why they outsource this to China and other parts of southeast Asia. The deterioration in quality is due to enzyme activity because the products are only kept at about 32 degrees F or higher while in transit as apposed -7 or lower and may be defrosted and refrozen several times before it makes it to your freezer. Large ice crystals are a tell tale sign of inferior quality but the packaging hides this. To slow enzyme activity and maintain quality, -7 gives you a couple of months and -20 F will give you about 6 months in the freezer for any seafood. Sockeye is bright red, properly handled sockeye that is frozen is bright red/orange. With a little research, you can find fishermen that process and sell their own salmon at less the $4 per pound for headed and gutted fish and if you team up with your family and neighbors, you can get the cost of freight down to $1.50 per pound via major air carriers.

  44. My daughter bought 2lb package of Walmart “salmon”. It is definitely NOT salmon. The flesh is firm, but the color and taste tells me it is some cheap fish. How can they get away with substituting fish?! Also, somebody came after the day of deep fishing a few days back. We were at a restaurant on the water and I asked them for fish tails and heads, to cook for my chickens. They actually gave me more than that, including a few large filet pieces. At home I cooked a huge pot of small pieces for my chickens. They refused to eat it! I cooked some large pieces for myself. It was awful! I think the level of Mercury is so high, it is dangerous to consume! Even the Turkey Vultures were not interested! The carrion eaters!

  45. iv been on a sea food diet for 3 months now, i consume about 2 pounds of wild caught salmon from wall-mart every week along with tilapia and cod , . i stared researching why the walmart salmon tasted odd and the color was to light hoping it wasn’t farmed raised since we all know farm raised fish is just as bad as eating rat poison i had to find out the truth on this salmon. this is a very interesting blog , but only answered one question i have the fish is from china -__- but what am i eating ? mutated crossbreed salmon ? spoiled meat do to transportation ?or a wannabee fish with pink meat packaged as salmon ?
    but my main question is it healthy or even dangerous to over consume ?

  46. really amazing that you,s not salmon,taste very nasty and not even my dogs want to eat it .like maria said all going in the garbage

  47. The fish in question are in fact wild salmon. They are Keta salmon which are caught on the West Coast. They vary in color and are usually on the white side once cooked. This product is frozen then shipped to China to process. Quality varies significantly. No, I do not work for Walmart .

  48. I had purchased this very same Salmon and I could smell ammonia on it after cooking it. I thought maybe it was a fillet that got left on the side or something and went off. So I threw it out ( after eating half of it and having explosive diarrhea mind you) and the other fillet’s that I cooked with it in case they where contaminated. I’m aware that a lot of meat is disinfected with ammonia and other cleaning agents and thought that maybe they forgot to rinse it off or something. No big deal. It happened once. Well not so… The very next bag of the Salmon I cooked off was the same. It stank like hell and smelled like ammonia once again. I mean the smell would burn your nose. I know that I shouldn’t shop at wall-mart anyways but hell, what are ya trying to kill me or something?

  49. If you are going to write a blog, how about you all learn proper grammar not to mention spelling. The thing that gets me is people all seem so surprised this is ‘high quality’ salmon or something… Come on people! You’re shopping at Wal-Mart, not exactly high end class. To consume an entire blog page about this ‘catastrophe’ is a little ridiculous don’t you think? I mean if you’re so careful about what you eat I’m going to let you in on a secret as I used to work for this corporation: This is the WRONG place to get your health food and even quality food from! No one should be surprised about this. Everything about this place is horrible and the corporation buys the cheapest thing they can to ensure they aren’t spending more than absolutely needed.

  50. I bought at Walmart Pacific Cod fillets .Wild caught,individual sealed .It says on package,wild caught in U.S.A. processed in China Product of China. Then it says .Distributed by: By the fishin” Company Seattle,WA. 98188-2100 they have a hot line # 1-877-988-3474…why would it be USA then sent to china to process,then distributed by Seattle WA. CO. plus fish from china to polluted. It also contains sodium tripolphosphate? what is that? how can they sell this. I will not be buying again… SO sad can’t trust…. a very disappointed consumer…you are trying to do good eating habits for your family.Lies,Lies,Lies….

  51. I’ve been eaten this Walmart salmons for about six months now. I’ve noticed a strong oder coming out of the product when it was cooked, like Windex or some like such smells. I just figured that’s how high quality all natural salmon wild caught and all should smell. Now after reading on this site I’m thinking this is not right. I didn’t see the China part on the packaging what with “WILD CAUGHT” and “CERTIFIED” and such. So now I feel sick to my stomach.

    1. I bought some white fish from Albertsons. I did not read the packaging and when I started cooking it, the odor was unbearable. It tasted so bad that I ended up throwing it all. I looked at the packaging, it was made in Vietnam. Same incidence, I purchased a cheap salmon from Aldi really cheap. The label said, made in China. Come on!!!! I been reading some horrifying blogs about how Vietnamese especially Chinese packed their canned fish—snakes!!! Large snakes chopped to fit in a can instead of fish/salmon!!!!! This made me sick!! I will definitely read all food labels next time.

  52. Exactly correct. I tried it just now, poached, sauteed, and baked, just to find out if really they could be so bold as to outrightly deceive consumers. They are that bold. That’s not salmon.

  53. Just bought “Kita Salmon” from Sam’s Club, horrible. There is a reason the locals call this fish “Dog Fish” they feed them to their Sled Teams. Called SClub and will get my money back. OMG bad, tasted like mud or fresh water something.

  54. I was raised in Arizona and grew up trying to eat fish. I hated fish and thought I’d never want to eat it again. And the same thing with elk and other game. But then I moved to Alaska and learned so much about fish in general and salmon in particular. Fish and game meats get their flavors from where they live, what they eat, and how fresh it is.

    Arizona being a landlocked desert state is far from the ocean. So even the so-called freshly caught fish is tens of hours old by the time it’s trucked or flown into the state. Truly fresh caught fish is delicious and I love it!

    I’m guessing that the Walmart fish was not only from China but was raised in tanks. It may not have been swimming in the ocean ingesting all those trace materiel that contribute to local flavors nor would the fish be moving from salt to fresh water on it’s own (which also affects flavor). If in a controlled tank then all the fish would be exposed to fresh water at the same time which would be past prime for some fish and too soon for others. Also, the salmon should only be harvested after the reproduction cycle has taken place. Not so easy to accomplish in a tank environment if they even are able to reproduce in captivity. So, lots of variables into fish flavor. China being the mass supplier of global goods and trying to produce them as cheaply as possible and Walmart being a major buyer and distributor of Chinese goods creates an situation of quantity over quality. That’s not to say China doesn’t have quality fish, it just means Walmart’s concern isn’t about quality as much as it is about volume. Don’t believe me? Just check out the eggs, bread, milk, and butter at Walmart. It doesn’t taste quite the same as other grocery store products nor lasts as long.

  55. Wild caught in ALASKA and processed in China??? You know how much would cost to ship thousands of pounds to China to be processed and packed – you know how far is Alaska from mainland China? And than ship it back to USA for distribution??? Bull!! Their something fishy behind this scheme….cost would be so high to move tons of salmon thousands of miles to and back! I thing that Walmart and statement on package are lying…. this should be investigated and if fish is not wild caught in Alaska wow lets hit Walmart with charge of fraud….

  56. you guys are CRAY CRAY!!!!!! This salmon IS everything I look for in a man. shmushy and hard at the same time, kind and easy to cook. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE WALMART SALMON! This is the OG SALMON!!! If I had the godly powers I would swoop into Walmart in my mini van and snatch all the salmon to feed my hungry 7 children after soccer practice.!!! Grow some balls and #snatchthatsalmon!!!!!!! I cant believe the disrespect displayed on this blog to the SALMON GODS!! I truly and utterly believe that this salmon is the second coming of our lord and savior, jesus Christ. The ignorance I see in these comments disgusts me. I am prepared to duel anyone that disagrees with me on this important topic. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE,,,, SQAUARE UP.

  57. Yup, that’s wild salmon alright. I had a taste of wild salmon, first, a year ago when my brother returned with these huge fillets from the salmon run. It smelled and tasted of the water and turned out the exact same color and the texture looks exactly like the salmon fillet in your pan. I had a lot of salmon those two days.
    Salmon that isn’t whitish in color or strong smelling, salmon fish wise, is farm raised. It’s that color because of the chemicals in the feed they give to the salmon.

  58. I believe you. I cook wild-caught salmon often. My family usually loves it. But recently, I
    bought and cooked nasty-tasting wild-caught salmon from Aldi. I bought it because the
    price was good. However, when I cooked it, my husband and I knew it tasted like
    something we could not explain and it was rubbery. Both of us got sick, so we threw the
    remainder away. I cooked something else for my daughter, because if she had tasted it, she
    would have refused to ever eat salmon again.

  59. Real salmon cooks up a rich “salmon” color because WILD salmon eats krill, unless it is specifically an Alaskan WHITE Salmon. I also feel burned by the whitish/grey salmon from Walmart that says “Wild” from China. It looked pinkish in the package when it was frozen.

    I won’t be purchasing this again – more for those of you who love this farm raised chum.

  60. I just made some tonight. It is disgusting. Very strong taste and smell. My cat won’t even eat it! The meat is white after cooking. This IS NOT salmon.

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