A Carnival of Motivational Writing January 21, 2007

A blog carnival simply ties related content together throughout the web for readers. My blog carnival is about motivation and I created it to provide a wide range of view points and topics for my readers. Below are some motivation related articles that other bloggers wanted to share. I hope you enjoy this January edition of the motivational writing carnival!


Motivation in times of Struggle
A beautiful poem called Chi-Chi Tree illustrates the ups and downs of life by comparing them to the rise and fall of the seasions. If you have been hurt and are struggling to move on this poem will touch you because it beautifully states that loss leads to rebirth and that there is always a new beginning ahead. Dr. Jane Chin displays the poem Chi-Chi Tree in the article What Moves Us.

Personal Growth Motivation
Ever find yourself thinking “I cant do that because..” Unfortunately our doubts often get the best of us. Michelle presents a fantastic article titled Quit doubting yourself and tap into your assets already which perfectly illustrates “You never really know what you can do until you actually try.”

Uplifting Personal Stories
Karen Shanley presents Dolphin Dreams, a story about believing in your dreams can change everything.

Advice for life
We are all on the quest for happiness at one point or another. Raymond David Salas presents The Key to Happiness which talks about how to stay motivated by being happy and how to motivate yourself to find happiness in your day to day life.

Ever feel overwhelmed by the abundance of choices you need to make? Kavit Haria presents How To Deal With Choice Overload which gives tips and advice for overcoming the overload so that you can move forward.

We have all found ourselves in unmotivated moods. This usually happens to me on my days off when I need to do undesirable tasks such as dishes or laundry. Ellesse presents an article on How To Get Motivated… Demonstrated which details a personal story about being stranded. She is faced with the decision of whether to stay or go and she describes how motivation plays a role in the decisions that were made that day.

Motivation and procrastination go hand in hand. Victor presents an article titled Eliminate Procrastination, Now where he says “Procrastination, as a habit, is usually marked by feelings of being overwhelmed by a task or a duty.” This article will outlines to eliminate procrastination.

Looking for what not to do when your anxiety and stress levels are high? Check out Madeleine Begun Kane’s article called De-Stress Or Distress? posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. She outlines the saga of trying to relax in a humorous way. Sometimes laughter is the best cure!


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