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A day in the life of my pants! LOL

240x180Lets see, my favorite pair of pants is my new black pair of Capri workout pants, they say “Guard” on the pant leg. I love these because they are comfortable and because they are durable.

What would a day be like for my pants? Hm, it would be hard I think. I wake up in the morning, have some coffee and then I spend about 30 minutes sitting in the car (dropping N off at work in town and driving back home). Once I get home I have some breakfast, sit on the couch and work on the computer for about an hour. So for my pants that basically means lots of sitting.

I head back into town to teach at about 10:30am, when I get to the school I dance my butt off so that means much stretching, rubbing and torture for the pants. I once had a pair of pants rip in the crotch while I was teaching, we do the splits, kick and all that fun stuff. It’s important that my pants be durable and stretchable. When I can I wear pajama pants or sweats so that I don’t ruin any good pants.

When I get home from teaching I run around the house cleaning, gardening and taking care of the house. That means my pants get dirt on them from the garden, dust from cleaning the house, soap from doing the dishes and an array of other stuff. Dockers contest wants to know what a day is like in YOUR pants, are you creative? If so turn the story of your pants into a video submission and then submit this content to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest. You could WIN and winning is FUN!
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<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

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