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A rant about installation appointments

Well we are still waiting to have our phone/ DSL connected today. We had an appointment for a tech to come out between 12pm & 5pm today, it’s 4pm as I write this and nobody is here.

The whole deal with service calls and connecting utilities is kind of silly. They need access to your home and they make an “appointment” to come out and complete the work. The appointment times usually span the entire day which is just silly. When you are moving from one place to another you are seldom hanging out in one place so the 5 hour middle of the day “appointments” are a pain because you can’t leave your new home to tie up loose ends at the old one cause you might miss your technician.

It would just be much easier if they would schedule a smaller appointment window, say between 2pm & 3pm. It would be even better if they would call you on a cell phone or something before they were headed to your home so you could rush back over to meet them..

Last night the dish network technician came to hook up my satellite 1 hour after their 5 hour appointment window they booked us for, at 6pm which also happened to be right in the middle of dinner time. this is irritating because I went through the trouble of making sure someone was home all day (instead of helping move stuff) and they didn’t even come when they were supposed to.

to me that is the equivalent of us going out for a meal during the scheduled appointment time and demanding that they stay put and wait for us to return at our earliest convince…

I am just ranting because I have a headache (didn’t drink enough water during the move) and my feet hurt from standing/ hauling junk so I needed some “sitting down time” and that happens to be how I write my blogs.

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and positive comments about our move! We are so glad to be in and to have the majority of “hauling crap” done! Now we just have to sort through things and get it all put away. Here is what my house looks like today:









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4 thoughts on “A rant about installation appointments

  1. Oh, that is a pet peeve of mine also – those technician appointments really stink especially when you have to take time off of work for one and then they don’t even show up. That bugs the crap out of me. Looks like you have a little unpacking to do yet. But hang in there – drink your water, and take your time. It will get there.

    teeni’s last blog post..How We Got Jam

  2. That annoys me, too. Last year we had an electrician show up an hour EARLY. He was at my house at 7am. Guess what? I was still in bed. Then I was breastfeeding the baby. He was angry when I opened the door and realized they were there. You just can’t win!

    I love the colors in that house! It looks like a great place to be creative. I’m sure you’ll really love living there.

    Hyphen Mama’s last blog post..Momnesia

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