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A white valentines day.?.?

Yep, we are having a white valentines day! It’s cold, snowy and cozy. I’ll get to use up lots of our fire wood today so that is good! The more we burn the less we will have to move in a few weeks.

Yesterday I tried to go out back and chip some ice off the sidewalk. We have these French back doors that we will need access to when we are moving all our large furniture out of this place. Unfortunately, the inches of slick ice covering the sidewalk and the feet of snow blocking our access to the parking area will prevent us from moving our stuff so we need to get that taken care of ASAP.

I also dug out my un-planted flower bulbs and got those babies in the soil yesterday. I am a bulb addict and I had a number of daffodils that I hadn’t planted yet and I would really love to enjoy their beauty this spring so I got them in the soil and let the chilling/ rooting process begin. I also spent $50 of a fresh batch of bulbs from Van Bourgondien and I am so excited to receive them!

In other news, our car battery is fine so that means we do need to replace the alternator on the car now. We are planning on doing it together this weekend ( I can build computers so why can’t I fix a car?) and I’ll let you know how successful that is, maybe I’ll have photos!

Oh, last thing is that we seem to have another white baby zebra finch. Our first batch of babies matured and went off to good homes and now mommy and daddy finch are nursing round 2 of babies! We started with 5 eggs, one was tossed by the parents and several days later another egg vanished. We suspect mommy and daddy ate it or tossed it so that left us with 3 eggs.

The three eggs hatched and were doing okay but yesterday I found one baby dead in the nest. I removed the dead baby and got to see the feathers on the remaining two babies. One is cream/ brownish and the other is gray/ white. Now the color mutation in these zebra finches is supposed to be very rare so I am surprised that it appears we have hatched another rare zebra finch.

So how is your Valentines Day going? Since it is valentines day you should share the love by heading over to vote on our chicken cooking videos. Give us 5 stars to help us win!

I gathered from reading my favorite blogs that many people are experiencing storms, power outages and all kinds of craziness.. How is the weather and day for you?

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  1. Wow – your zebra finches are doing well. I didn’t realize they laid so many eggs at once. I’m glad some of the babies have survived. I’d love to hear about how your car mechanic work goes. I hope you two are able to get it resolved yourselves without too much effort. It certainly can save you a lot of money. And you definitely have the right attitude. There’s no reason why you couldn’t do it! You go, girl! 🙂

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