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A wish… A Blogger meme.

I was visiting a fellow blogger, Zooropazoo, who was tagged for a meme I really liked. It is the wish meme, here is how it goes

1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart’s desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see a wishing star flying across the night sky.

2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic above.

3. Tell us about your own wish on your blog and tag some friends so they can do the same!

My wish:

My wish is quite simple. I just want to have the financial ability to buy a home of our own and the physical ability to start a family. Kind of simple huh? I am a simple gal…

So, what is your wish? I am not tagging any specific people but would love for you to do this meme if it touches you! Can’t wait to read your wish!

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

3 thoughts on “A wish… A Blogger meme.

  1. Those are simple but very important wishes! I may come back and do this meme another time. Shhh – I’m still behind on a meme or two! 😉

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