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My name is Talina the writer and owner of Harvest of Daily Life, a lifestyle blog. I am a virtual assistant & webmistress, a wife, an animal lover, an addicted gardener, I practice fertility awareness and am very into living life more naturally, I am a product/ service reviewer, a mother of three and a blogger who is always has something on her plate.

This blog was born in January of 2005 but has since evolved quite a bit. In the beginning I was writing motivational articles and informative/ how to articles now I am known to write about almost anything that happens that could amuse, educate or support others in their own life journey. However, the future focus will likely be about how we are sustaining our family via a self sufficient farm life.

Life has dealt us some adventurous cards, that is what makes this blog such a hit. In the past we have enjoyed things like stove fires, house floods, mold growth, near death car trouble, we’ve moved cross country in an RV with 8 pets and 4 people, we’ve almost been attacked by a bear while camping. We’ve even traveled two states away to birth our children in the elusive green minded community, The Farm in Summertown, TN and shared their homebirths here on the blog (See Everly’s Birth Story: Born at The Farm and Adalyn’s Live Streamed Birth). I also had my third child, a son, in and Indiana hospital.

We are jokingly called hippies in polo shirts because we are very eco minded and sustainability focused, basically of the hippy mindset but we don’t look the part. Sustainable living is a major passion of ours and each year we inch closer and closer to living our dream. We have a zoo of pets who keep us on our toes a sprawling urban garden/ homestead in the middle of Evansville, Indiana, backyard chickens, turkeys and we have many more adventures to endure as we inch toward our ideal lifestyle, one homesteading undertaking at a time. One day, someday, we’ll have our own farm. We are farm bound now!

Thank you for visiting my blog and learning more about me! I hope you will bookmark this page or consider subscribing to my feed so you can stay in the know about new posts and adventures.

I try to post often and I really look forward to getting to know my readers through the comments they leave me. If you need to contact me leave a comment or email me with the info below and I’ll do my best to respond. I hope you found what you were looking for today and that you return soon. Have a great day!

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0 thoughts on “About Talina

  1. Just came across your blog when searching for birthing options in Evansville. Very disappointing!!! Did you ever find any solutions? Do you like your OB and if so, do you mind sharing who it is? I just moved here and randomly chose one, only to find out that they do not do a blood test to confirm the pregnancy and they don’t do ultrasounds until the 24th week. And this is a Gateway doc! I want someone else. ๐Ÿ™ Any info you have would be so appreciated.

  2. Custom baskets? You go girl….
    i would be glad to include you in the testing of my product….in fact … maybe you even will become interested in some custom products for your baskets….
    send me an e-mail & I will find out where to send the test sample you inquired about…

  3. Nice layout! It looks strangely familiar… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have you noticed how similar the Twitter bird is too?

    Best of luck on your blog & business(es)!

  4. I just saw that you use planet detergent on your cloth diapers through an Amazon review. How much do you use per load?

  5. Hello, Talina,

    I was just searching the web and came across your blog… Well, actually I saw where you had advertised on Craigslist about selling your chickens.

    I live south of Nashville, in Columbia, and have one chicken left out of 4, ha ha big group.

    Question: do you have chickens for sale or to give away?
    I wonder how far away we are from each other.
    I love your blog!

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