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Again I am experencing the infamous 2 week wait…

Pardon this random thoughts blog post, I am forced to stay off my foot (I banged up my left ankle and need to keep it elevated and iced) so I am forced to sit here over thinking stuff. My over thinking goes hand in hand with my writing so that has resulted in me blabbing on and on today with this post. If you are short on time or would prefer to not know about my period/ fertility please feel free to move on, I’ll understand.

The infamous 2 week wait started 6 days ago. That means I was able to confirm ovulation (with at least 3 consecutive days of higher temperatures), we tried to conceive and now all that is left to do is wait a) till the period comes or b) till it is late enough to test for pregnancy.

The two weeks after ovulation aka DPO (days past ovulation) are often the most nerve wracking for couples who are trying to conceive because testing during this time is considered too early for accurate results and well, who is good a waiting? Not me!

So yeah, we are on 6 DPO today and I noticed some achyness/ crampyness earlier today. This is significant to me because it could be a sign of implantation (like I said, I am over thinking things) but cramping is usually accompanied by slight spotting when implantation occurs and I have not noticed any spotting.

[Update– 2 days after writing this post I experienced a temperature dip of about .4 degrees, it lasted 1 day. the following day my temperature went back up. I have learned that this is referred to as an “implantation dip”. Still no spotting has been noticed but I am still cramping.]

We have 12 more days to go until my period is expected, I’ll either get my period right before the band/ guard tour or I’ll do a pregnancy test once I get back from tour. Do you think riding roller coasters on tour would be bad if I don’t get my period? Hmm..

Oh, if you have a chance will you follow this link and vote for my mother (mom you can vote for yourself too!)? I entered her in a contest, she could win a spa vacation! It is a mothers day type contest. Anyway all you need to do is give the photo a 10, it would be cool if she won.

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5 thoughts on “Again I am experencing the infamous 2 week wait…

  1. Aww, Talina, hang in there. You need to do some reading or crossword puzzles or something to keep your mind off pregnancy things since you still have to wait a bit – I know waiting sucks. Anyway, I hope your foot is better soon. And your mom got a 10 from me. Goodness she could be your sister! I wonder how she liked her chickens?

  2. Voted 10. I doubt a roller coaster would make any impact so soon. Just enjoy your life and try not to dwell upon it. Heck, you’re not actually even married yet.

    witchypoos last blog post..Oh, Snap

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