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Amazing weather rocks! People who don't respond to inquiries from their site suck.

We have had cool, humid, rainy weather this whole week and I am loving it! Sure the humid weather makes my hair go nutty but it makes my skin so happy and it is cooler than normal when it rains!

Besides stormy weather just calms me. On stormy days I may even curl up with a blanket and pillow on the couch for a lazy day and that is not common for me!

So, I am enjoying the nice weather and I am sure the garden also has been enjoying it! Don’t you just love a stormy day?

In other news, WordPress 2.6 is available Please update now. What? Didn’t we just update like last month? WordPress updates are beginning to remind me of all the Windows/ Microsoft updates. *sheesh*

Oh and can I just say one last thing, don’t make a business website if you have no intention of responding to potential customers via that site’s contact info…. Mkay?

I am so over the Evansville, IN property management websites! I have sent several emails to each of them and I even left messages on their business phone numbers yesterday to receive NO responses from anyone today! What is the point of even having an email if you aren’t going to check it and respond?

Luckily we have received some helpful responses from in Indiana so we at least have something to work with in our search for a rental home! I just hope we find something we love.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods these days? Any fun summer storms or great plans for the weekend?

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0 thoughts on “Amazing weather rocks! People who don't respond to inquiries from their site suck.

  1. I love a good thunderstorm. Even more so if it storms at night. Obviously those places you have tried t get in touch with really don’t value business. I hope you have great luck with the one you mentioned!

    Beckys last blog post..Annoyances

  2. The weather here is hot and summery. I think it is just cool enough to allow us to sleep with the fan on and not the A/C, which makes me happy because the A/C gets too cold for me sometimes.

    I hear you about the whole email/website thing – if you are not going to respond, it’s not worth the point of having the technology. Oh, so soon all this craziness will be behind you. What are you looking forward to doing most once you are in your new state and your new home?

    teenis last blog post..Teeni Reveals All!

  3. @teeni: You know, I never thought of what I would look forward to once we got there. I always only think of the immediate “next step”, you know the stuff I need to do. When asked about what I would like to do I am clueless! I wonder if they have a melting pot restaurant there. I would love to spend some romantic one on one time with N! That is dumb huh?

  4. I love a good rainy day, too.

    I hope that your house rental works out. That just sucks when people don’t respond to your emails and messages. I’m dealing with a similar situation currently with the state of CO. Why bother with answering systems if you don’t return phone calls?

  5. I didn’t hear about a wordpress update..I wonder if I have to do that..

    Weather here is hot..and humid. We haven’t had rain since the weekend but we had some GOOD know the kind where you can’t see in front of’s so freaking hot whenever the jet stream moves an inch it causes some storms.

    Either late Friday night or early Sat morning hubby, stepson and nephew and I are driving from STL to South Carolina..for the drive I would prefer sunny to partly cloudy weather rain and NO storms, especially through IL, KY, TN, GA and SC.. as I pass it can storm behind me.
    We would also prefer sunny days..I’ll be ok for an evening shower.. 🙂

    mps last blog post..Pulling my HAIR out!

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