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Avoid the crowds- shop online!

I do that majority of my holiday shopping online and I even start buying stuff before the official holiday shopping time period. Last year just for fun I went to some of my favorite stores for “black friday”. It was exciting and chaotic but was not nearly worth the hassle in my opinion. Last year I was shopping for an IPOD or MP3 Player. Several stores had good black friday deals but those deals were so limited and coveted that only a few people got the hot items they needed. Needless to say I did not find the portable music player I needed during my black friday excursion. I actually found a great deal on an MP3 player online and buying it and having it shipped just in time for Christmas!

I just found a site that I thought was interesting and related to black friday. It’s called, the concept of the site is basically that you are emailed the black friday ads so you can buy stuff from the comfort of your own home on black friday. This seems better than waking up before the sun rises just to stand in line, waiting for the stores to open so I am there to get the great deals before they run out.

Some of the stores that I am interested in are: Best Buy specials, Tractor Supply Co. discounts and ads. It appears that the ads wont be posted until closer to black friday and you can either enter you email to receive black friday ad alerts or you can check the site closer to black friday. I am always open to new and better ways to do things so I signed up for the email alert! We will see how well it goes! Wish me luck for black friday! bfads

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