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Being a renter in Arizona kind of sucks!

Well, this was going to be an auto post for tomorrow since we are heading down to my moms house but I am just raging mad right now and have to share this shit with you guys!

Yesterday I mentioned that our landlord informed us that the home we are renting was being put on the market and that we would need to show the house to potential buyers, this is not good news to us!

We looked over our lease and had a family member and real estate expert, Jerry, look over the lease. Nowhere in the lease does it say that we are obligated to show the home to potential buyers and agents (like it did in the previous lease we signed for another home) but it does state the landlord must provide 48 hours notice of intent to enter.

We only have 3 months left on this lease and we would prefer to not be showing the home in addition to trying to plan and research a cross country move. Plus we have a medium sized dog, who is not friendly to strangers and we have inside cats who have to be prevented from escaping the house so allowing strange people into the home when we are not present isn’t really an option. It is barely possible when we are home!

So I went online to do some research. I found this page which outlines that in Arizona according to A.R.S. § 33-1343
“the purposes for which a landlord may enter a rental premises are to:

• Inspect the premises
• Make necessary or agreed repairs, decorations, alterations or improvements
• Supply necessary or agreed services
• Exhibit the dwelling unit to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees, tenants, workmen or contractors”

So it seems like we are going to be forced to show the home we are renting even though it was not agreed to when we signed the lease. Apparently that is the crappy law here in Arizona that favors the f*&kers landlords.

I emailed the landlord about how this is an inconvenience for us and I warned that our dog was not friendly and that entering the home without us being present was a very bad idea for them since our dog is not nice to strange people. I also stated that we were not agreeing to anything at this time because we were waiting for more information about our rights.

The landlord responded that we had nothing to agree to and that the only right we had was the right to a 48 hour notice of intent to enter. He also went on to say that after the 48 hour notice was given we could not refuse the showing and that they could enter whether or not we were home.

Then my phone rings and it is our landlords secretary stating that they were trying to schedule a showing for Saturday, which is 2 days/ 48 hours away. We wont be here for the showing but I am sure they will just do what ever the hell they want to!

I am now wondering if the landlord can “check keys out to possible buyers and their agents” and allow them to show up here unaccompanied while we aren’t present, I was under the impression the landlord had physically to exhibit the dwelling under this law, can they just give keys to anyone who comes by and allow them to enter after giving us notice? What if we aren’t able to be home, can they enter the home anyway? What do you think?

If they do enter the home they will be unpleasantly surprised and possibly bitten in the ass by our very protective dog.. Maybe we will leave some sex toys out around the house! Bet that would cut the visit short huh? I am so flipping MAD!

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4 thoughts on “Being a renter in Arizona kind of sucks!

  1. It is very annoying and I hear your pain. This stuff really pisses me off too. But don’t go getting yourself in trouble and a death penalty for your dog over it. It’s not worth it.

    I don’t think they can just give out keys, but they MAY be able to. I’m pretty sure my landlord had given a key to the realtor but in Massachusetts, the realtor has to be bonded so that covers them from getting sued over damage, and/or theft at the properties. Try to deal with it as best you can (even if the landlord is a jerk, let him know that the more notice YOU have, the better you will make the place look) – at least least there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you and you won’t have to deal with it for long as you will be out of there soon. You may have to take the dog out or lock him/her up in a room that potential buyers will have to stay out of and that you warn them about ahead of time. That may be the best you can do.

    I do think it would be funny if you left sex toys out though. LOL.

  2. That just sucks! I’d be mad too! I don’t know anything legal about these situations, but I do know they want the house clean so it shows well. I think I’d stop doing dishes and picking up laundry AND stop cleaning the shower. Forget to take out the trash so it smells bad. Childish, but I think it might make you feel better.

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  3. Well with N’s career this is a huge privacy issue for us, not that we can do anything about it. Apparently we have no rights.

    We wont be recommending this landlord ANY time soon!

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