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Bleach smells bad so I used it to clean the old home.

We seldom use bleach because of the environmental/ health impacts but had acquired a few large bottles of it some time ago. I don’t like the smell of it and I always seem to mix it with something that I shouldn’t (like cat urine in the litter box or whatever).. I was determined to make sure everyone knew we cleaned the place and what is better than a pungent bleach smell to convey that we cleaned? He, he…

So, today I spent several hours over at the old place cleaning things, making repairs and generally just tying up loose ends. In the past we have been hit with ridiculous cleaning fees, “pet odor” charges and what not and we are responsible pet owners so this makes us mad.

Our animals are well behaved, clean (no they don’t pee or poo all over the house) and we take great care in keeping our rental homes tidy and in good condition so when we get charged for supposed pet damages we know we are getting screwed.

We have found that being very diligent about cleaning the old place before move out and also demanding a final walk through with the landlord before relinquishing keys often prevents those “pet damage” fees and charges because the landlord has to notify us then and there of the things they are charging for.

Anyway, I decided to use up the bleach today to clean the crap out of the house. A strong, lingering beach smell should subconsciously alert the landlord that we did clean the place right?

I used bleach to mop the bathroom floors, to sponge off the spots on the walls, to wipe the blinds down, to clean the fridge & dishwasher and anything else that appeared dirty. I wore my bright yellow cleaning gloves and walked through the house with my bucket of bleach water just going to town on anything that appeared dirty.

Tomorrow the carpet cleaners will be doing the carpets there and we will tackle the stove, wax the wood floors and do the last min cleaning of the kitchen and anything else that needs work.

We are officially out of there and I am actually really glad. We have a bigger living space now, the house retains heat so we are anticipating lower gas bills, we have a set 6 month lease so we wont have to show the house or worry about being given 30 days notice to vacate… All in all it’s seems to have worked out okay for us.

Now we just have a TON of unpacking to do and we need to settle in.. I am taking my time with it though!

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4 thoughts on “Bleach smells bad so I used it to clean the old home.

  1. Yeah, the smell of bleach would definitely make me think someone cleaned. LOL. But I’m kind of anal about that stuff and would probably re-clean everything myself when I moved into a new place. But hey, that’s me and I’m sure the landlords were happy. That is a good idea to do that walkthrough. You gotta look out for yourself and that is a good and easy way to do it.

    teeni’s last blog post..Party Time at the Tea Room!

  2. That is so funny! I will have to remember this trick. I hate moving. It always seems weird to me when you’ve still got to get over to the old place to clean and finish up, and at the new place trying to get settled in. The last time I moved, I decided no more moving. We’ve been here almost 10 years.

    Hyphen Mama’s last blog post..Dr Voodoo

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