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So, I am experimenting with I have been trying new ways to earn money writing. I would love to be able to write articles and focus on my online business all form the comfort of my home. During my writing opportunity research I heard about and thought it would be cool to get paid for doing what I already do, writing blog entries.

Writing is my way of sharing and learning new things. I write about my bulb gardening hobby and about so many other things. Now if we all got paid for writing about these interests how nice would that be?

The key to making money with your blog is to write things that your readers actually care about. There is not point to writing a blog that nobody reads, right?

Yet, I have seen so many blogs that do nothing but post about the things they are getting paid to talk about.. This is fine but do people really care about what you are getting paid to write about? helps to eliminate this type of writing by screening the blog site and it’s content before letting people try to earn money. The catch for me is going to be finding things to write about (for that are of interest to me and my readers!

I don’t think it is going to be too hard considering has so many different opportunities for bloggers to take part in, every blogger is sure to find something that their readers are interested in that they can get paid for writing about. So, this is my adventure!

I am posting this because many of you have blogs of your own and because many of you are already trying to earn money doing what you are already doing, by writing! If you think you may be interested in finding out more I have included a link and button to get you started. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this in case anyone was interested.


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