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BPA and Bloggy Makeovers…

Don’t be alarmed of you see some strangeness here at Harvest of Daily Life over then next few days. I helped N with his bloggy makeover and now I am jealous of the purdyness and decided my blog also needed a purdy makeover. Bloggy makeovers are never easy though and I am picky so it might take much theme playing until the transformation is complete.

Thanks to a comment on this post I am now just a tad BPA paranoid. After Wendy’s comment I checked out the type of plastic on the yummy fruit bowls and was sad to find that they were a number 7 plastic. She has a good point about recycling that type of plastic. Also, number 7 plastic is the plastic to avoid because of BPA.

I was reminded of this when I got my Seventh Generation email newsletter that featured this article: My Body Burden, Part 2: BPA

When N came home that night I shared the article with him and we went and checked all the plastic in our kitchen. We are purging all number 7 plastics and any plastic that is not numbered. This unfortunately includes my favorite water bottle. We are also going to be looking out for what kinds of preserved foods we buy.

We were bummed to find out that canned foods and beverages also can contain BPA due to the lining material of many cans. Then I leaned that BPA can and does pass through breast milk to babies so now I am super paranoid about my own BPA exposure.

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