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Bring on the noise my baby loves it!

I just got a letter from the Tennessee Department of Health asking for proof of Everly’s newborn hearing screening. Since she was born there and the screening is required by law I’ve got to have the testing done and send them the proof. I am pretty sure her hearing is fine though.

I know this because she loves actually I should say she’s fine with loud noises. Once N wore her and ran around the house vacuuming, she slept well while all this was going on. I tweeted about this and even captured a photo of it.

Then I experimented with running the vacuum while E was having one of her crying, fussy fits and she quieted right down. Later that night N and I enjoyed eating dinner together while we ran the vacuum to calm her again.

This last weekend I was itching to get out of the darn house and do something so we gathered E and her things up and ventured out to the fair. We had no intention of riding rides, we just wanted to go for the food, booths and for some possible entertainment.

We found ourselves enjoying the antiques and animals that were there just fine. I couldn’t resist the huge cow. I love me anything that is cow!

I ended up getting a delicious caramel apple and some iced tea. N got a corn dog, a funnel cake and some iced tea. While he was ordering his food and the whole time he was eating it poured rain and everyone took cover where they could.

Eventually once the rain was dumping less we wandered towards the demolition derby madness and E was quite content with the noise.

Yesterday while we were laying down for an afternoon nap this intense clap of thunder sounded and I woke from my nap nearly jumping out of my skin. She didn’t budge a single inch.

Some babies freak out at the slightest sounds, mine doesn’t mind. I actually think she kind of likes the sounds as opposed to the quite. It’s perfectly fitting for us and our lifestyle.

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0 thoughts on “Bring on the noise my baby loves it!

  1. Glad that you got out of the house and enjoyed yourselves!

    A friend of mine said the only way her baby would sleep at night was with a vacuum running under her crib. Then one night after about a year of running it every night, their vacuum cleaner made this horrible, moaning, whining sound of death. They grieved for the loss of their “dear friend” who helped everyone sleep that first year 😉

    If E needs you to run the vacuum more, you are welcome to do my house too (ha, ha!).

  2. we had the test done for Emily too. Its great Everly doesnt care about noise! the only prob i find is getting a bit paranoid and checking if emily is ok when she sleeps for a long time through the noise!
    .-= Tanya´s last blog ..The Many Faces of Emily =-.

  3. Isn’t it strange that we work so hard and want so badly for our babies to start sleeping through the night (or at least most of it) then we STILL don’t get any sleep ourselves because we keep getting up to see if they are OK?
    .-= Donna B.´s last blog ..Another Sad Hospital Story =-.

  4. When my granddaughter was about a year old, I got to be live-in grandma while her parents took a short vacation. One morning, the dog woke me up a little earlier than normal – 6:30 instead of 7.

    Nearly sleepwalking to open the back door for the dog, I forgot to turn off the alarm system. I’d never heard it go off before and it was a piercing scream, emanating from a box about 6 foot from the baby’s door.

    I’m panicked, can’t remember the code to turn it off and I’m scrambling for the piece of paper the instructions were written on. Fortunately, I found them by the time the security company called and was able to tell them the “safe” code.

    The kid slept through the whole thing… not waking up until almost 8. If I hadn’t had a video baby monitor to see her breathing, I’d have had to go in and wake her up to make sure she was OK.

    BTW, I loved the video monitor. I’d put her to bed, get a glass of wine and sit on the front porch watching her go to sleep.
    .-= Donna B.´s last blog ..Weekend Time Wasters =-.

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