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Bubbly, burping beer.. fermenting in my bathroom.

My boyfriend, N, brews beer as a hobby. We have had several memorable beer brewing experiences. The first batch of beer he brewed blew the bottoms out of the individual glass bottles after bottling. Beer oozed all over the kitchen. Apparently too much yeast was used.

Then next experience was homemade root beer soda. This was a slightly more dangerous experience, the one gallon glass bottle that the root beer was stored in completely exploded in the kitchen and shards of glass flew everywhere! I got a few nice welts on my neck from the flying glass, luckily I was not cut by the glass. The explosion was so loud and startling, I thought someone was shooting up the house!

This time the beer is bubbling, burping and oozing out of the 5 gallon carboy… It’s a messy batch. I made a video to show you just how messy it was. If you want to read more about beer brewing check out this blog post: The Enjoyment of Homebrew.

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