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Burr…. 19 degrees? Thank goodness for free fire wood!


Well, the forecast is COLD as you can see by the screen shot above. Thank goodness for our local freecycle group and the nice lady that let us haul away a full truckload of free firewood this weekend. We are renting a home with a nice wood burning stove and we are stoked that we can heat the home for free especially since the price of oil has skyrocketed this winter.

Apparently here in northern Arizona residents are being urged to refrain from using these fireplaces and wood burning stoves to heat the home as they are a “fire hazard”.  I don’t plan to stop using mine, we are responsible”fire users”.

How is winter panning out in your neck of the woods? Any snow  yet?

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  1. Brrr is right! Hi Talina, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m really glad you found the info on urban gardening useful – in my city, Vancouver, it’s a very important issue to help keep us the most liveable city in the world~ ;-)) How did you come to my site? BTW I really like your stuff, I’m very into crafting and repurposing.

    Natalie’s last blog post..Urban farming update

    1. Natalie »
      I found your blog by following a comment you posted on another blog… I visit one blog, comment, then I follow a fellow readers comment within that blog to find a new blog to read and so on…

  2. Oh cool, that’s awesome! And BTW my weather is a bit cold too, for here… it snowed last night actually, which is really unusual for Vancouver. I love freecycle too, although I’m usually giving things away. Re-using rules!!

    Natalie’s last blog post..Urban farming update

  3. BTW, do you know about MyBlogLog? It’s a pretty cool resource for bloggers, particularly if you’re interested in networking with bloggers of similar interests. Free to join, it’s part of the Yahoo! network, so if you have a yahoo account you can use that. They also have some cool visitor tracking software that’s free to use, or you can get a premium version for a very small fee.

    Natalie’s last blog post..Urban farming update

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