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Coming out of the winter coma on a warm and sunny weekend…

You’ve heard about S.A.D right? It is a type of “winter mood disorder”

I’ve seen commercials about S.A.D and the prescription pills that “I should ask my doctor about if I am experiencing similar symptoms”. I have always rolled my eyes about the idea of the winter season making people depressed enough to need a special prescription.

Well, N and I were chatting about how strangely productive we’re feeling as a result of the oddly warm and nice weather we are having and have been having all weekend. We might be coming out of our own winter depression or something! (by the way that is why I didn’t post all weekend, we were busy doing stuff outside…)

We got all our storm debris cut up and ready to be hauled away and we finished the 100% homemade rabbit hutch for Boner! We went grocery shopping, made yummy meals together for dinner, cleaned stuff, looked at rental home possibilities, toyed with the idea of trying to get approved for a mortgage, tried to have the brakes replaced and were outside in the fresh air. It was so nice.

I am super proud of N’s rabbit hutch project (I hope he’ll blog about it and share the plans). We are just waiting for the sealant to dry then it is ready for Boner to move in! Look how it turned out:

Oh, and we stopped in our local Circuit City just for fun to see what deals were to be had (N still wants a 42in flat screen LCD tv…). Have you been to their going out of business sale? We were just amazed at how many people were still looking for and actually buying those high ticket electronic items.

Actually all this weekend we saw people everywhere buying all this high priced non necessity stuff like big screen TV’s and other electronics despite the claimed economic hard times so many are experiencing. N and I just scratch our heads when we see it. We DIDN’T buy a tv by the way…

I mean these aren’t wealthy people, they appear to be mid to lower class and they are just lining up for a $2000 big screen tv or a new video game system. Um, hello! Save your money and think ahead about your economic future guys!

Oh and don’t even get me started on Nadya Suleman, the now mother of 14 who just had octuplets

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

0 thoughts on “Coming out of the winter coma on a warm and sunny weekend…

  1. N did a great job on the rabbit hutch! Boner is gonna love it. We had a beautiful weekend up here as well. Spring fever has hit me…and its only Feb!

    Don’t even get me started on Nadya, that woman makes my blood boil.

    Beckys last blog post..Quickies…

  2. Great Job N! Just think how awesome your tree houses are going to be!
    As for saving money… We are like you two! Were saving, because thing might get worse. And with 2 little kids, we cant prepare enough.
    Although I will tell you, I have never had a bedroom set. The furniture that is in our room I’ve had since freshman year of high school. That makes it 11 years old! And it was cheap K-Mart stuff to start with. So I found a steal at Target last night on a head board, so I ordered it. Free shipping!!!
    My budget is to by a single piece every pay check, that way we don’t get over our head and spend more than we have. Also if I don’t have the money from that paycheck I just wont buy anything.
    And that Doctor needs to lose his license to practice medicine. WTF was he thinking?

    Krystal McCarthys last blog post..They know, oh do they ever know!

  3. Apparently S.A.D comes during different seasons for different people. It’s summer that depresses me unless I go somewhere like Arizona where the temp and humidity aren’t BOTH triple digits.

    I feel sorry for all 14 children. I think the mother and grandmother both have some serious mental problems.

    But I am ANGRY with the fool who did the implantation. I’m thinking mental problems on his part too, but even considering that, he should have known better.

    I’m all for IVF for couples who can’t conceive otherwise. I have two wonderful twin nieces by that method.

    Their mother has been know to say to them, “I paid good money to get you two, now straighten up!” I’m sure she’s not going back for 12 more.

    Donna B.s last blog post..This Is My Blog

  4. Krystal McCarthy »

    That is too funny! We also do not have matching furniture cause the good stuff is too damn expensive! Like 2 years ago we got our black 4 post bed from pier 1 for like $400 and we put it on the pier 1 card and took a year to pay for it. We are all about the getting one piece at a time and paying for it over time thing too. It is way better to save and make those smart purchases now and then as opposed to spending like crazy!

  5. Donna B. »

    I am jsut mad that she is raising 14 kids that she can’t possibly afford to care for on her own and that tax payers are going to have to foot the bill. I think IVF is great too but the ethics of implanting so many embryos just is crazy (especially when you know the financial and family situation of the mother).

  6. Nice bunny hutch!

    I read a quote by the Octuplet Mom, she wanted a big family because she grew up in completely dysfunctional environment. UM HELLO—you mean the same parents that raised you dysfunctionally? Because those are the same parents who are co-parenting YOUR children! I think the woman is off.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Words

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