Crafting like crazy!!

Well I have been crafting like a crazy woman over the past few weeks!! I just went out yesterday and bought tons of jean shorts, pants and skirts that I am going to turn into purses. I also stocked up on frilly yarn that I am knitting smaller “cell phone bag” purses out of. These are going to be small bags that you can carry your cell phone, id and credit cards in when you go out. You know real light weight and barely there so if you are out dancing or whatever you won’t have a huge bag to lug around.

This morning I am in the process of turning two really cute girls skirts into purses. Here are the before photos and I’ll post the after ones too!!

If you want to browse my finished purses that are currently for sale you can visit my Handmade Blue Jean Handbags and Purses product page.

Yay!! Here is my finished product:

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  1. I guess you and I have had the same idea because I’ve been doing the same thing and selling them at flea markets and yard sales.

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