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I was tagged by Teeni who was tagged by Bobby Revell at Revellion Dot Com who was tagged by Todd from Success With Todd who was tagged by Lin who was tagged by Lightening who was tagged by Bettina who was tagged by Jayne and Nikki who were tagged by …. What?

Okay, I’ll stop! I just thought it would be fun to link to tons of people who also did this meme, I am easily amused okay? Anyway for this meme all you have to do is write a little about each of the following topics – books, television, and music. Here I go!

Monkeywrench by P.J TracyBooks – I like to read but often have trouble finding a book that can keep my interest. I loved reading books by p.j. tracy, I just couldn’t put those books down! P. J Tracy is actually a mother & daughter author combo, they both write the books and they were great.

Right now I am reading Firestorm it is okay but doesn’t totally captivate me. What? I have a short attention span or something!

Oh and just last weekend I was reading a few chapters on the way to one of my students competitions and this smutty sex scene chapter snuck up out of the blue. I was very weired out by it and didn’t expect the action/ mystery book to have a cheap sex scene chaper in it… I mean if an image of a loving couple is on the cover I know it is a cheap sex novel but I just didn’t expect Firestorm to be like that.

I just got a book from Collins publishing that I am in the process of reviewing right now. It is called Party Basics for New Nester’s and it has lots of recipes and party ideas!

Television – I like TV but am not super pleased with the limited number of new episodes of my favorite shows. I watch Army Wives, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, The Riches and during the day I watch Bad Girls Club and Sex in The City reruns for background music.

My man is a broadcast journalist so I watch him on the news but generally I don’t watch the whole news cast (I’ll watch his story and then turn the news off) because it is just so depressing and negative. It is unfortunate that our society thrives on the bad, gross or startling news stories… When the news station airs some awful news story about the people in your neighborhood you watch it right? So, then you are fueling the stations to air more heartbreaking news next time because they know you will be drawn to it and that you will watch. So, that is why I don’t watch the news.

Music – I am a fan of all types of music and I have a wide variety of favorites. I try to stay on top of the newest music since I am a choreographer and winterguard instructor. I use my IPOD to transport all my music but my cigarette charger is dead in the car so I can’t use my AM/ FM transmitter to play my IPOD tunes while I am driving. I have to listen to CD’s and the radio instead. I love songs by Tori Amos, I have a Fallout Boy CD playing in the car and I also enjoy my Timbaland CD in the car.

I have designed shows to songs by The Fray, Something Corporate, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Maroon 5, Enya and more. Oh, I love the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls they are so relaxing and I am also enjoying listening to Linkin Park and Graham Colton!

Guess I kind of turned this meme in to a list of info huh? I just don’t have the brain power to do much more right now… I need to take a nap!


<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

3 thoughts on “Entertainment/ Media Meme

  1. Ooooh – yeah – how did the soapmaking come out? I hope you had a blast and made some lovely soaps! Even if you didn’t make some lovely soaps, I hope you had a blast. LOL.
    I enjoyed reading your meme! It is so neat to find out what people watch/read/listen to. I was thinking of reading Firestorm myself but now I don’t know. I haven’t read any P.J. Tracy but I think it would be neat to read what the mother/daughter team has come up with. I’ve read some husband/wife ones and loved them.

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