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Get back to what is important this holiday

Yesterday when we went out to get some last minute supplies for the holidays we were very stressed out and saddened by the spirits of the people out holiday shopping.

First off the stores were way crowded and people were just downright mean or just plain annoying! People were either wandering aimlessly without regard to those other people around them (One great example is the lady that was in a gift basket isle with us who was shouting at the top of her lungs to someone in another isle) or they are plowing you right over and practically running through the store like wild banshees. One guy and his girlfriend were so irritated they were shouting profanities about how insane people were acting- that’s a much better reaction buddy!

Anyway, N commented that it seemed like we needed to take a sedative before going out into the crowds.. By the time we left the stores and got home we were experiencing sensory overload and were very discouraged by the way people were acting.

I am sorry but the holidays aren’t about buying and giving the best, most expensive gifts and it’s not about taking out other shoppers to get the limited quantity of great deals!

The holidays are about reaching out to those around you, brightening a day and spreading some joy. The exchanging of gifts was meant to brighten ones day but it’s not the reason for the season.

So, today while making my usual blog rounds I found out about a video that was posted on youtube. The video captures the holiday shoppers in a busy mall going about their business when they are approached and asked to sing a Jingle Bells on camera.

Alisa Apps went out and was looking to connect with some strangers and have some fun by singing a cheerful holiday carol with passers by. The problem is that so many people were not willing to partake in the holiday fun.

If you can’t lower your guard and have some good old fashioned fun and just enjoy the company of those around you then you may be missing the point of the holiday season in my opinion. Here is the video:

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