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Getting a tan and blogging…

Today is such a nice day! Yesterday we got rain so the air is all fresh and clean today plus the sun is shining and it is a warm 63 degrees out. As son as I got home from teaching I got my bathing suit top on, grabbed my towel and headed out to get some sun on my back.

You see the band/ guard spring tour is coming up. I am chaperoning since I am a staff member and it is in California so that means pool/ beach time. living in a cooler climate has a definite impact on tanning. I have this sweet farmers tan from getting sun in my t shirts and I wanted to try to even it out today since the weather is so nice! It is kind of hard to see the laptop screen with the shining sun and sunglasses, I’ll manage though!

Oh, we got an email from our landlord 1st night that said the owners of the home we are renting decided to put the house back on the market. Our land lord said “he would not put a lock box on the house but that he would have Realtors schedule an appointment with us to view the house if there was interest.

There is no damn way we are going to deal with showing the house we are renting, not again! The home we just move from was also on the market and we signed a month to month lease (stupid idea) and agreed to take appointments to show the house when buyers were interested.

That turned out to be not such a pleasant experience for us for a number of reasons. First, we have pets we need to wrangle every time there is a showing. Second issue was that the Realtors that came to show the place were ass holes! Some made appointments but showed up hours early or late and expected us to show the house. Others didn’t even bother making an appointment, they had the nerve to just walk up to the front door, knock and expect us to show the house right then and there, while we were eating breakfast in our PJ’s!

When we moved in here we signed a 6 month lease, there is no “the house is for sale you need to show the place” clause in the lease. I am fairly certain we are not obligated to show the house and that it is “tough titties” that they decided to put the house back on the market while they have a legally binding lease out on the house till august.

We are having a family member who is also a Realtor/ landlord take a look at the lease first but we are planning to tell our landlord that we will not show the place. I am fairly certain they can’t force us to… What do you think?

In other news, N is being sent out to Utah again tonight so I’ll be on my own, maybe I’ll finish a book or something. This weekend we are heading down to New River to visit my mom and celebrate mothers day and her birthday. I expect it will be a relaxing nice weekend, despite the landlords crap.

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4 thoughts on “Getting a tan and blogging…

  1. Ugh. I remember living in a duplex that was for sale up for sale and the owner told me I’d have 24 hour notice from the realtors for showings. Well, I guess he forgot to tell the realtor because she just came in while we were at work one day and left her card on the table. I had left out dirty laundry that I was still gathering for a washload and my checkbook had been left out on a table because I had no idea anyone would be in our home. So I was quite pissed off. I called the realtor right away and told her she was to give me 24 hour notice or I was going to leave her some nasty surprises if she came unannounced again. It wasn’t a problem again but some of them just have no class or respect.

  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear. I do believe as a renter, you have more rights. I can’t imagine having to live like that while a house is on the market. We sold a house last year, and everytime we had showings, it was a nightmare prepping the house, cleaning and wrangling our dog 🙁
    I hope things work out.

    Sandy (Momisodes)s last blog post..GrAndMa WuZ HerE

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